Podcasts are not new. But I am new to Podcasts. I have been thinking a lot about how I can use that space of content creation. In almost all of the things I dd good, one thing that was common was I learnt to make things effective by utilizing time and be focused. Sadly, I could also see a lot of people struggling with it. So, here is a Tamil Podcast for people who want to hack into their productivity. Accomplish things and check off their to do list. Do follow me in other platforms as well.

S 1 Episode 0 – Introduction

This is a weekly podcast about productivity tips and personal development in work place as well as personal life. This is the first intro episode of what you can expect from the series and what you will not be pushed into.

S1 Episode 1 – Dominate your day by budgeting Time

Being Busy is different from being productive. We can be busy all day long and accomplish very little. And the inverse can also be true. You can be productive, check off our to do list and still have time for finer things in life. This is a very common problem plaguing new age workforce. The type of job we did changed, the way we worked has changed. We have too many apps and software to make our life easier, but do they help you save time? If so, how are you spending that time you saved?

Time budget is not a groundbreaking innovation. This is very common and we have been doing it for ages. Much like any other idea I am going to discuss in my podcasts, this podcast will open your eyes to things that you can easily do to help you feel better at the end of the day rather being overwhelmed.

S1 Episode 2 – Micro Rewards

By concept, Micro Rewards is simple. We get rewards all the time. A promotion, a salary hike or even a medal at the end of a certain period of time serves as a reward. We feel happy and motivated when we get it. Micro Rewards is nothing but small rewards which we give to ourselves for finishing smaller but important tasks on a daily basis. The rewards you give yourself should also have the bigger picture in mind, since these are the building block which will motivate to achieve your bigger goals.

Mirco Reward is for tasks and Reward is for goals. Keep listening.

S1 Episode 3 – Gamification

Gamification is one of the ‘in’ thing now. From the apps you use to the websites you visit, you can see they follow the rules of Gamification. So what is it? It is nothing but a way to keep you engaged in the game for long by giving you rewards and challenges, it makes you feel like you are doing something on your own volition, but the truth is you are chasing rewards and recognition.

We can use it to our advantage.