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Well!! If you would have asked this question in Tirunelveli 8 years before, I am sure every stone and herb of the small town would have sung volumes and volumes about me. Not everything I would like to hear. But you would have a good time pass. I was then “the guy your dad warn you about” in that small town.

So enough of the build up. I am an ordinary guy who came across some extraordinary situations making life more spicier. Have big dreams.. and I am happy to strike the listed items in my bucket list  now. In chennai for last 7 years and not sure whether i like it or not. Like the old home town Tirunelveli, but confused whether to go back or not.

I love movies.. I crack jokes for which nobody laughs.. Wonder why humour sense had dried down these days.  I am not comfortable with being happy. I like to be alone. I hate people who don’t keep their promises. I hate people who are not punctual. I suck at relationships. I am not romantic. I think women are strong mentally but illogical.

I think my hairstyle is bad (if I have any left None left). My English worse. I had visited your Orkut/Facebook/Flickr profile without commenting/scrapping. I can bore you with more ease. I am poor at making conversation. I believe grass is always greener the other side but whichever side I go I see only the brown. Some problem with ma eyes or mind. Whatever.

I need a break after working for two days. I like mountains and beaches. I suck at bargaining. I don’t call people. I don’t message people. I don’t have a girl friend (depends on who is asking though). I have tide level mood swings. I lose my temper easily but will seldom show it on anyone.

I love books. I like fiction. I like fantasy comics. I like pani puri over dhai puri. I am not that kind of guy your mom would like (both sexes). I am not a bad boy. I am not a good boy either. I love nothing. I am confused all the time.

Sorry for all the rants. I am happy to see you are still alive to read this sentence. You can do anything in this world. 🙂


  1. priyaiyer

    Hey Prasanna! Thanks for the wishes for the better half’s birthday!! Shall convey them to him!! 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!! 🙂

    ~ Uniquely Priya

  2. YesBee

    Hey Bro,

    Hmmm… such a long intro very interesting

    Very glad to see you have imbibed wonderful writing skills



  3. Tinytoes

    Whoa…… Thats quiet a nostalgic intro… But i did enjoy it to the core as i could relate most of your cons with mine and am still in the same path 🙂 It was so nice meeting you here Prasanna 🙂

  4. mramani

    So after all these years — what has changed????

    Will the real Bragadeesh stand up please!!!

    The ‘girl friend’ part should we still believe 🙂 🙂 🙂 ????

    Add – soon to be published author 🙂


    1. Post
  5. Karthikeyan Subramanian

    Hi Prasanna

    I read your introduction, i can’t stop laughing. it is not like a movie or Trailer. You had dragged the cursor and completed your introduction within short time. that is a reason i laughed. Because, I had tried this tricks in CD player while watching a move in my childhood and make fun.
    I like your way of presentation and it helps me to understand your both sides.

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