We Start again

What can I say about the year that went by. It was too fast and too slow at the same time. We, as a family, travelled a lot but at the same time yearned to travel a lot more. We had great food at the same time by the end of the year forced to go on restricted diet. 2022 was a mixed bag of all sorts. It is hard to put it in one basket.

But one thing I didn’t do was to blog. My last blog post was on October 2021. I even missed the customary blog post which I promised to do every year. Mostly it was because of confusion. What is blogging? Do people read anymore? Is my reels too lengthy? Can this blog post be a Whatsapp status so it will get more eyeballs?

In 2018 or 2019, we had a great discussion in a facebook group I was part of. Should instagram content creators be considered as bloggers? Fast forward to 2021, they are the only people who are considered as bloggers. By the PR agencies, by the followers and sometimes even by the brands. Lots of small businesses still feel that they can get traction by getting into a paid collaboration with the ‘instagram bloggers’

It was not for me. I didn’t have the perfect backdrop, lighting or even passable facial features to put me out there as a blogger. And most of my blog posts were short stories. What do i do? Create skits? Too much of work. For most of us blogging started as a journey to reach out to like minded people wandering in the cyberspace. We blogged about that things that were bugging our mind but was too afraid to share with others. We blogged about things which we didn’t understand and were coming to terms with it. I didn’t imagine a day where we would seeing a post with a man showing his six pack abs in the photo, recollect the trauma he went through as a child in the caption and posting a private emotional coaching workshop link in the comments. It feels weird to me but what do I know, I am nearing forty.

Personal blogging without anything to sell has become a lost art form. I am not saying I am going to revive it. But that is what I am going to do in 2023. I have to at least come to terms with the amount I am spending for this domain name and storage. There are lot of personal stories to share and I will share it in my own pace, regardless of the comments or views. But it is going to be mostly about my son.

I have made faces when I read blogs about how parenthood changed them to better. But now that I am experiencing it first hand, I smile at the person who is making faces reading this line. This is something that cannot be expressed in words. Sure it is a lot of work, frustration and stuff but it is beautiful.

Happy 2023 you all. Make it better

My son’s reaction says it all 🙂


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