Happy Birthday – 2021

Though I have not been posting here for a long time, this post cannot be missed. This year is going to be really special. Last year I introduced my fiance to my sister. They have not yet met. Because of the corona virus spread and the consequent lockdown they had to get introduced to each other virtually. Ten years back when my sister was driving me around the city to get me the best biryani, shawarma, or kebab plates, I would tease her how she would be there to tell my kid how I met his/her mother. Unfortunately my sister was not there when I met my fiance. But she quite made it up with the whatsapp chats and audio calls.

There had been moments in the year that filled me with anxiety and I felt lost. One of my main worries was what if I don’t get a chance to meet my sister again. Thankfully we are past the stage and I am very confident of getting to meet my sister in coming month. Though we had not been in touch for quite a while, I love how my mother and fiance keep her in mind while shopping for the wedding.

This year my sister would be getting a new role of sister-in-law and an aunt. I am sure she would love all the new roles and be better at it. Can’t believe it had been nine years since we celebrated her birthday together and communicate only through this blog. But this has been good as well. As I am getting older and getting into the adult life (rather unwillingly), maintaining this blog is becoming next to impossible.

But I am sure I will come back here year after year to post this special post on my sister’s birthday. We don’t know what the future holds for us. May be things will be alright. May be next year we will be celebrating her birthday together. May be we will be further apart, moving across the globe from each other. But I am sure, unless I am not breathing, I will be here on the 23rd october of every year, feverishly typing away in the wordpress composer, to tell the wold how awesome my sister is and how much she means to me.

Here is to a great year and a wonderful life ahead !!!

Happy Birthday!!


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