Happy Happy Birthday

I can’t believe my sister is getting old along with me. I always thought I will get old with the grey hairs ans missing tooth and she will be the same college girl. When I think of her, in my mind she is still the carefree girl riding her activa, expertly manoeuvring in crowded streets or if I push my memories a little hard, driving her Santro and parallel park it like a boss.

That said, I am proud of my sister who is a mother who thinks about her kid all the time. A fine gentleman, my nephew, keeps his mom on toes. I could never be as patient as her when it comes to parenting. May be I will, you never know, learn something from my sister.

I don’t write like before. Words fail me often these days. I am content with reading than writing. But this is a post I don’t want to skip at all because it makes people feel special.

Happy birthday to my sweet sister. May you get all you wish for, secretly and openly.

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