Welcome to 30’s

Let us make something clear here. 30s are awesome. This is the golden stretch between ‘not having money but too much’ energy phase and the ‘I have money, but so tired’. 30s gives you exactly the time and energy to be the most fun person ever without over exerting ourselves. And in that note, I welcome this special person to her 30s.

People say that if somebody stays in touch for seven years, the bond is likely to last for a life time. I wonder if it is the same if we are not in touch too. If we don’t stay in touch for seven years, should we consider that the relationship is effectively over? Do we never get to see the person again? Probably.

But even if it is for few years, the memories remain (mine is messed up). The small things, small gestures, truly grand parties, those chit chats over someone else’s living room. Preparing for the best friend’s wedding and actually being there for him on his wedding day. There are just so many things which kept me assured that it isn’t over yet.

But still it sucks to do e-wish year after year and that is the only way to communicate. Like the birthday itself, I wait for this day so that I can put up a blog post and get anonymous comment. My little sister turns 30 today. She is married, she has a great job (not sure to which she returned), and a cool son who kinda looks exactly like her when he was born.

In an ideal world, it would be a celebration. Probably a month long one and I would have teased her to the world’s end about getting into the thirties bandwagon. But she is not so little sister now. To come to think of it, she was never that little sister who needed guidance or anything from me. On the contrary, she did most of the handholding for me when I tried to adjust with this new city, new culture and the lingo.

How much ever I write, it is going to be less. How much ever I love, it is not going to be enough. How much ever I miss her, is not going to bring her back. How much ever I regret the situations, it is not going to alter itself. How much ever I wish her a sweet happy birthday, it is not complete without a stupid gift I pick from thrift store.

God…. Time runs fast.

Happy Birthday little sister. May you be blessed with everything good and better and best.



  1. Vithy October 24, 2018 at 12:34 am

    Heartbreaking honesty pa… every girl should have and would want to have a brother like you. Not someone who is bound by blood, but to share a bond stronger than that. Lucky is the person whom this post is meant for. Happy 30th birthday to you!

  2. Lucky Sister October 24, 2018 at 3:31 pm

    Thanks Prasanna.
    Went to sleep reading this last night and I woke up this morning to read it again.
    Am very sure that whatever we are going through is going to end pretty soon and we shall meet and celebrate in person. I know I need to hear a lot from you as well. Good luck with 😉


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