If I was a penguin…

If I was a penguin,
I would scan through the seashore,
Find the softest of the pebbles.
If another penguin had taken it already,
I would fight with my teeth and nail
To get it ready
And give it to you.
You can have it in your nest or
Throw it away.
I just would want to tell that you deserve
The softest of the pebbles in the world.

If I were a squirrel,
I would have run a long way,
Jumping from one branch to another
Testing the fruits and nuts
And bring the best of them
Rolling it, in the ground
Gnaw and remove the dirt,
And give it to you.
You can eat it or throw it away.
I just would want to tell you that deserve
The sweetest of the fruit in the world.

If I were a bird,
I would fly to a lush forest,
Search for the softest of twigs, maybe some
Dried flowers
And collect softest of leaves which
Don’t crunch under human feet.
And make a comfortable bed
For you to rest.
You may not even step into the nest.
I would just want you to know
That you deserve the coziest of homes.

How unromantic of me,
To just waltz into a perfume shop,
Select a fragrance that is no way
Close to your own
Scratch my card to pay for it
And then seat you in a restaurant
With artificial cool air filling the room
And feed you food which another man cooked.

I am just a human after all.
But I would just want you to know,
You deserve the deepest and craziest of love.


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