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As I was working in marketing, it was always good to have good relationship with the HR team. Once the company I was working with, decided to start a new facility and scale up to 900 employees from 200. In paper it just looked like 700 employees. Sure there are so many people who are looking for job. We have lakhs and lakhs of freshers coming out of college every year and Chennai city itself was producing more than 2 Lakh graduates every year, but to my surprise, the team was struggling with just 29 suitable candidates at the end of one week.

When I talked to one of my friends in the department, I understood how difficult it is for them. They have to advertise every weekend in at least three news papers for exorbitant amount of money. And there should be at least one person in the office on Sunday’s to answer calls. It would be a busy day, the next day when we have more than 200 foot falls (if the advertisement worked), collecting resume, skill testing, evaluation and before the end of the day, the HR manager would be calculating how many new recruits he would need for his team, in case some one passes out due to exhaustion.

What I am trying to say here is, recruitment is not easy. There are qualified people out there in one hand and then there are companies looking to scale up, and in the middle there are some consultancies which are quite dubious in their reputation and making money out of people’s misery. And here comes Interview Desk. Even if they didn’t like it, I would dare say, they may be Uber for Recruitment.

In the launch event that happened (quite a gala) in the city, we saw so many people coming together to launch the event.

The Chief Appraisers of the event 

Mrs. LathaPandiyarajan, Managing Director, Varam Capital

Mr.ManikandanThangarathnam, Director of Engineering, Amazon

The Chief Motivators of the Company 

Mr.KumarVembu, CEO & Founder of GoFrugal Technologies

Mr. Bhupesh Nagarajan, Executive Director, Indira Projects, and Development

Mr. Lokesh Kanagaraj, Film Director

Mr. ArasuShanker, CEO,

The event was hosted by popular blogger, Mr. Kiruba Shankar and he did a fabulous job in putting the audience in the comfort spot right from the moment he had the mike. The way the founder was introduced was really good. In the usual launches, we see the founder gets heaps of praises from his peers, bosses and other industry leader. But Mr. Pichumani Durairaj was introduced to us by testimonies of people who worked with him, in his team and the people whom he mentored. It is easy to start a company and call yourself a boss. But that video told the crowd that the next one to get the mike was not merely a boss but a leader.

He was with Amazon a few years ago, and if you remember the pace Amazon India scaled itself in SP infocity in MGR Road, Perungudi, you know who was the man behind the team. If I was the person heading the team, I would have thought that was pinnacle of my career and would have taken an early retirement. I was working in SP Infocity at that point of time and I know how they were expanding. It was unbelievable.

In his speech Mr. Pichumani Durairaj succinctly described what Interview desk was all about and how he and his team is equipped to do it.

With fast growth companies, the complexity of recruiting increases drastically. The requirements for people with varying skill sets and high-end specialization increases.

Let’s face it. It is not possible for a recruitment manager in a company to be exposed to all these technologies. Without in-depth knowledge, it is not possible to ask the right questions and consequently, not able to hire the right people.  This is where the InterviewDesk model works brilliantly. InterviewDesk follows a Marketplace model, which helps attract interviewers with varying skills.  This way, we are able to attract interviewers who have decades of experience in the right fields to ask the right questions.  The marketplace model gives us tremendous advantage of scaling up real quick across all geographies.
The reason why I’m extremely bullish about InterviewDesk is that I personally felt a deep felt need for a service like this one. As
a member of the HR community, I have met up with various HR heads who have time and time again expressed the need to
enhance the efficiency of recruiting. InterviewDesk offers exactly this service.

Apart from the CEO’s address, there was so much of knowledge shared in the event by Latha Pandiyarajan , co-founder of Mafoi Strategies, Mr. Bhupesh Nagarajan (whose Indira Projects and development is a company to look out for. plenty of promise there.) and the film director Mr. Lokesh Kanagaraj (Maanagaram Fame).

All in all it was a wonderful evening where who is who of the start up and recruiting industry freely mingled with the crowd and shared their thoughts and patiently answering the questions. Mr. Pichumani Durairaj also accepted to do an interview for us and if everything goes well, he will be featured in the blog again.

Some photos from the event

The post is in collaboration with InterviewDesk

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