Vacation Rituals

I think
Everybody has some rituals.

When we go out of house for a while
To a vacation or a marriage of close relative
Dad bids good bye to all furniture in the living room
As well as the plants in the balcony garden

Mom sits with her nail cutter and polishes her nail
With great precision that would put a sculptor to shame
She never does that if we don’t go anywhere

My brother always tests the calling bell
He checks it after we lock the door.
I have never understood the logic of someone
Pressing the calling bell when the house is locked
I didn’t ask because
I don’t know what calling bell he had been pressing
Outside which locked door.

I am obsessed with taps.
I open the taps one by one
And let the water flow for three minutes at least
In the empty sink, on the bathroom floor,
In the wash basin
And then shut the tap tight and wait till the last drop
Drip weakly from the tap
And then I tape it with some old clothes
Just in case, if you may.

I wonder why the little girl of adjacent apartment
Sneaks away with
A piece of china or glass tumbler
To the terrace
Whenever they decided to go on a vacation
And smash it with great force
May be an uncle likes her very much
And she hates him as much.

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