Abhi na jao chod kar

So there has been a trend going in between Chennai Bloggers. It all started when blogger Pratip wanted to document about the songs or albums which not only had blockbuster numbers but also soulful songs. Slowly Gils caught up with the trend too. Given the reception of such posts, I wanted to jump in the bandwagon too. I was researching about songs and I was wondering how we don’t listen to all the songs in a single film most of the time in the name of creating playlist. That is for another post and another time. But so when I was researching I realized when we say one person copied the song from another person, we only talk about the tune and music arrangements. We seldom talk about the lifted lyrics.

Like how Sherlock explains train of thought, I can explain how I chanced upon this song on a sultry early morning. There was this article in which actress Parineeti Chopra said how her childhood was piss poor and she had ‘only’ cycle to go to school and the car they had was used for official purposes. So then it went on like  YouTube > Parineeti Chopra work out video > Ishqzaade train scene > Ladies Vs Rickie Bahl > Meri Pyari Bindu trailer > Abhi Na jao chodkar 

I was surprised to see that the lyrics is lifted from the first stanza to create Tamil smash hit “Innum Konja Neram Porutha than enna” Thankfully the two stanzas that followed up in Tamil version was original to the setting of the film. Interestingly Hum Dono tells the story about a military man who goes missing and the trouble his wife goes through while Marian tells the story of a fisherman who goes missing. I hope there is no connection between all these facts but plagiarism is plagiarism right?

Abhi na jaao chhod kar
ke dil abhi bhara nahi

Please don’t leave yet,
my heart isn’t satiated yet,

Innum Konjam Neram Iruntha Thaan Enna
Aen Avasaram Enna Avasaram Nillu Ponne

Innum Pesa Kooda Thodangala
En Nenjamum Konjamum Nerayala

Actually it is the same as above. So no translation needed. 

But the thing to be noted is both the songs has some soul in it. Right from the sangam literature the literature about waiting and missing has its own depth and we relate to such songs much better than other songs. May be because we eternally wait or long for something or someone to come along and make everything better.

How naive are we?

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