Matrika’s Paper Products – Women’s Journal Review

It was truly an action taken on the moment. I do morning pages  daily (you have to google) and have exhausted my notebook. I was not aware that my friend was planning to give me a customized notebook for that purpose, I signed up for Matrika’s women’s journal (Gender Equality). Basically I signed up for the give away thinking that

  1. I won’t win
  2. I liked the color of the journal.

Bam! The courier got delivered in ten days and I had the most beautiful journal/planner I have ever seen in my life. No. I am not exaggerating. 

The touch and feel of the cover, the art and as well as the paper inside gave me immediate thrust to write something in the journal. It had been so many years since I wrote something in a proper journal/diary. But I couldn’t resist writing. These days I have started writing in fountain pen again and I was bit worried weather the ink would bleed in the paper. But the rasping sound of the nib on the paper put my doubts to rest. The pen glided over the paper leaving my thoughts in the paper (in a very bad handwriting). I have been writing in the journal ever since it got delivered to me. And I LOVE IT.

I loved the fact that they had thought a lot and have something for everybody. There are pages for you to just scribble away. There are pages for you to make notes, to-do lists. Heck they even have pages for you to do adult coloring. It left me thinking why the other have not thought about it before. Indeed a good thought. I have not ventured into adult coloring part yet. I am yet to recover from the previous disaster.

Matrikas paper products is a part of SFA Print Pvt Ltd from Sivakasi who is in this industry for 47 years printing everything from industries like Textiles to match boxes. The experience and their eye for the quality shows pretty clearly and full marks to the team who had designed the journal. They have a separate pages for “Books to Read” “Places to Go” etc and they also have stickers which we would often use and it is quite creative too.

You can view the video of the women’s journal here and follow their FB page here

Needless to say these women’s journal are just a part of their humongous collection. I am sure I would be looking out for Matrikas when I am done with this journal.

Happy Writing

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