A “Clap” Worthy Experience

It had been so many days since I did anything for home. I have been running around the city to take care of my newly started venture. The Auspicious Aadi month is something that will break the back of people in so may households. With never ending list of various auspicious days and festivities at home, my mother expected us to keep the home spic and span which is hardly the case. People who had been to my house will agree. So when Urban Clap decided to top me up with some credits, my joy knew no limits.

A small flashback now.

I worked in an ITES company. In course of time, I became a good friend of the Admin team. I had seen them buy liters and liters of  Acid for housekeeping purpose and there were people who spent their day and night cleaning everything in the office. The office remained super clean. I inquired if they were our employees, but naturally the company had outsourced the cleaning operations. I always wished if there were people who can do this to our homes. Our maid was no match to the professionalism they displayed.

Fast forward.

I saw bathroom deep cleaning as a service in the urban clap’s offering. I didn’t even think twice before I clicked on it. I knew how it would be. But my father and mother who hadn’t had the chance to work in a place where they outsourced cleaning activities know what that was. When I said, I had asked someone to come clean our bathroom the next day, I got scolded pretty bad. “We should do it our self” my dad said. But before I can change my mind, there was a message in my mobile confirming the service and a follow up call to confirm the address and another call in the evening to explain me who is coming and what kind of work is expected out of that person. I was impressed by the professionalism of the vendor.

The next day, the professional was right on time. Not a minute late or not a minute earlier. People who know me well will know that I am a sucker of punctuality. I gladly gave him full marks for that. Somewhere inside my head, what my father said was irking me. Was I using the technology to outsource the work that I could do to make someone else to do it? And you know how this whole cleaning thing is politicized in our part of the world.

So I was surprised when this person called me in to the bathroom. He had his clothes changed to a clean uniform, he had his legs covered as well as hand covered in the latex gloves. He explained me what and all he was going to do and what materials he is using. Most of the materials were branded (which I later googled) and bio degradable. He explained why it is not advisable for us to make the mix he was mixing with the half baked knowledge I was getting from him. The mix of acid and other cleaning things were measured and I wondered if there was a mini lab set in our bathroom. Then he asked me to go out and leave him alone.

After one hour, he called me in to inspect the room. I couldn’t. Because it looked entirely different from what I left with him. He said that anything that is done after signing the acknowledgement was separately chargeable. So I tried hard to come up with some issue or other. But before me he found out four or five things and rectified it on the spot. I asked him to have coffee when he cleaned himself up and we chatted for a while.

“Thank you” I said as I handed over the money.

“Are you happy Sir?” he asked.

“It is just that I had made you do something that should be done by me”

“Have I not done it properly?” he was curious.

“No it is not that. You know.. it is the bathroom and all”

“Sir. I saw this video by Kamal Haasan where he will say, even if I clean bathrooms, I will be the best in it. It is something I accepted as my work. Just tell me if I did it to your satisfaction”

“But here it says it is chargeable after signing the form”

“What is there in the paper sir? Your satisfaction is what matters”

I smiled and shook my head. I was very satisfied. It left me pondering. Am I being the best person in what I am doing? Did I care to explain people what I am doing and what should they expect? Mr. Srinivasan is the person who took care of my house that day. I thank Chennai Bloggers Club and Urban Clap for showing me what can be done with a tap of your finger on the phone. It can clean houses as well as the cobwebs in one’s mind.


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