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After getting rejected for so many times (49) by traditional publishing houses, I have decided to publish my book in Kindle as an e-book. It was a very tough choice. Every writer has this dream of holding his physical book in hands and to see it in a book store. Not everybody is lucky. But publishing in kindle is a cakewalk. With good marketing, we can make the book well known.

A lot of people who know that I am publishing the book in few days, were asking about how to order it. It was quite an effort for me to explain them how kindle works. There is a general misconception that we can read kindle book only if we have a kindle reader. It was shocking to know they thought the couldn’t read my book for this reason. So here it is. You can find the details below on how to buy a kindle e-book and read it in your computer or tablet or phone.

The good thing is you can start reading from where you left. Say, if you are reading 300 days in your laptop in office and your cab is ready to pick you up from office, you can close the tab in your laptop and resume reading it in your mobile when you are in your cab. It is that simple. You can download Kindle reading app for windows or Mac. You can find the Kindle app in Play store for Android and App store in iPhones.

Just go to and search for 300 days. You can alternatively click the link here. Log in to your amazon account and buy it. If you had download the kindle app in phone, you will be instructed to log in with your username and password there too. When you buy the book or pre-order it, the book will be available in the device you have registered. You can start reading.

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If you already have Kindle app and browsing for books through it, you can add the book after reading the sample chapters. Kindle actually encourages you to read sample chapters before you buy it. So all you have to do is make a informed decision of whether to buy it or not. In my case, I hope you will decide to buy it :).

If you just want a teaser about what this is all about, here it is


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