The Release date

OK. In last three posts, I am talking only about my book. Excuse me for few more days. 300 Days will be released on May 18th. It is up for pre-order in some markets. You can add to your wishlist if you are in India.

First book is really special. I had some idea about release date. But because of the floods and all other stuff, it got really delayed. And then there were suggestions from beta readers to make some changes. It all worked for good. Because I couldn’t have asked for a better date to release my book. It is so special. It is Anya’s birthday.

Anya is the darling daughter of Prason Christopher Robin, my best friend. What can I say about him? For a writer, I am not as eloquent as him. I am thankful that he chose to stick with me for all these years. We know each other for 12 years now and nothing really changed in the twelve years except for him getting married and having a beautiful kid. The 12 years did nothing to his physical attributes. In that way he stops time better than Surya of this 24 movie.

He was in Trivandrum when I got introduced to him. He would call me now and then to check on me and share some interesting things. I don’t know how but he was always there when I needed him the most. And needless to say he is my source of inspiration. To have a friend support you is a thing and to have the whole family of your friend support you is even better.

Most of our mutual friends tell us as we are Deva and Surya from Thalapathy movie. I have not moved past Tamilnadu in all my life and he was from Trivandrum when I got introduced to him. Now you know who is Surya and who is Deva :). There is one more reason.


Mammotty and Prason got handsome with the years passing by,

Bragadeesh and Rajini.. Well!! What can I say? Just focus on the top floor and nowhere else.

Rajini Brags


Mostly I will be in Anya’s Birthday function when the book is getting released. It is only fit to celebrate it with Prason who stood by me throughout the journey.

Thanks Prason!! For everything.


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