300 Days Sample Chapters

cropped-IMG_4953-2.jpgAs most of the blog visitors know, I had written a novel and it will be released shortly. Since this blog is the main encouragement and the visitors are my motivation, I feel it is only natural to let you guys have a peek at few chapters of my novel.

A short summary about 300 Days

On a cold December morning of 2009 Jai meets Sravani in middle of a forest and falls for her at first sight. Sravani speaks different language and is already in a relationship. Jai develops friendship with Sravani which ends abruptly when she leaves to her state. Unable to move on, Jai contacts her after two years and they both renew their relationship and take it beyond friendship. Will they successfully get together at least this time? Or will they have to part ways for the better good?

Hope you enjoy the sample chapters and also the book, when it gets released.

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  2. NJ

    Unfortunately I cannot download this. I’m having trouble with Adobe on the computer so I’ll just wait for your book 🙂

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