Apollo White Dental – An Experience.

When people from Chennai influence initiative called me and asked if I will be interested in taking up an appointment with Apollo Dental White, I was eating in Murugan idly shop. I last of my teeth has a big cavity and all the coconut shreds in the veggies will promptly get settled there. I was the only one to ask for a toothpick in a vegetarian restaurant. I readily agreed for the appointment.


Reception – Apollo White Dental

There is always thing debate going on about whether the medical services should be taken to corporate set ups. I am not advocating any side. I just know that I was treated as a client and not a patient in the hospital.

 I really wanted to take a lot of photos. But they were really attentive and I was in the consulting room in no time. I was attended by Dr. Deeksha Raj, who was really helpful. The amount of information she gave me about my own mouth and teeth was scary. But it was really useful. She had the knack of telling bad things in a smart way. Like she compared me to Ajay Devgan or Shah Rukh Khan (they damaged their teeth because of smoking) but it was effective. I had reduced smoking already after the visit.

Radiovisography Machine
Radiovisography Machine

The next thing that impressed me is the technology they use. As soon as I entered the consulting room, I felt like I was in a different country. No it was not just the technology, the people who were helping the doctor were also at their professional best and I was made comfortable in no time. I went for filling but my mouth needed scaling and polishing first. They use a technology called RVG, which abbreviates to Digital Radiovisograph. I have heard from many of my friends that treating the teeth was no pain compared to biting the film for the X-Ray and the choking which follows soon enough. RVG is so much easier and we are exposed to very little radiation compared to normal X-rays. And the best thing is you can actually see what is going on in your mouth in the LCD TV which is placed right opposite to the consulting chair.

Each and every step and the tools they use were explained to me so that I will be clear about the outcome of the treatment. Dr. Deeksha was so skillful and I really didn’t feel any pain given the state of my teeth. She did a thorough job for one half of the teeth and I was shown the difference between the cleaned ones and the other teeth, my resolve to schedule regular dental appointment just got stronger. She then worked on the other part of the mouth so it all looked the same. I really wanted to go for filling and fixing the crown, but I didn’t want to do it all in a visit

I am going back again for sure. Previously, I have always equated dental appointments to self torture. Thanks for changing it Apollo White Dental, thanks to your professional approach. You will see me back in that chair soon.


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