Irudhi Sutru


When I came out of the film, I wondered why the director had chosen this name. Was that something personal? Or Is she trying to say something to someone? How ironical to name a movie as “The Last Round” when the movie is all about second chances. The boxer who had lost his chance and lost his chance to train people, gets a second chance to train a prodigy. A fisher woman who had no inkling towards winning but trains for money loses both the match and money when she loses because of an injury. She gets a second chance with the same coach and goes all guns blazing. Why is it have to be “The last round”? was all I could think of when I walked out of the movie.

The movie gave me goose pimples at some point and then made me yawn with cliches. The good news is the yawn worthy moments are few and far between and the director hurries past us, like she hoped nobody noticed a thing. I am a part of this writing group, where we talked about how there are less and less representation of women in mainstream cinema and how the existing forward thinkers are giving us back the cliche in a new flavor. Like how parvathy thinks of dulquer in the movie “Charlie” and he goes on to sing about himself.

The good thing about a female script writer or a director is we get a refreshing picture of women. How often do we see two women talking about their aspirations and their disappointment on not getting good help to achieve those in silver screen? How often have we seen the female lead of the movie getting introduced in her bed and the hero in some kind of movement? Wouldn’t you like a role reversal? That is what exactly you can see in this movie. The theater went bonkers when Madhi played with elan by Rithika Singh did push ups with single hand. However beefed up he may be, Madhavan just got one scene without a shirt. He┬ábreathed life to the grumpy coach Prabhu Selvaraj. I wish he remained that way. But the director wanted to make him a guy who is soft at heart. The reason escapes me.

One more thing that got in my way of enjoying the film is the portrayal of sports authority. I mean, how can there be no voice against it? Are they accepting what is portrayed in the film to be true? If so, why is there no action? In a country where you can get banned just because you had muslims in your movie or you didnt do background check on the person who is financing the film, they should be the most tolerant body one can imagine.

The movie is about a grumpy boxer who had past his years, trying to find a talent and make her do something which he couldn’t do. There can be a lot of debate about the cliched story line itself. But the performance and the pace of the movie makes us forget to bring these questions up. The cinematographers and the music director did a great job giving a very good movie experience.

Irudhi Sutru could have been much more. But it chose to stay mediocre.


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