Sarigamapathani – A Teaser

I really don’t know what to blog about. So here is an excerpt from my WIP. Please give a read and tell me how you like it. Thanks in Advance



The good news of Rishabh’s household was not secret for so long. Parvathy and Thyagarajan had jumped into the car as soon as they had heard the news and rushed to see their child. It was bit awkward for Rishabh as he didn’t know how to react. Parvathy took Sadjama to the room and there were mostly whispers. Thyagarajan gave the sweet they had bought to Rishi and sat on the sofa.

“Umm.. I will take a plate and let us have the sweets together. It didn’t occur to me to buy sweets. It was actually me who has to offer the sweets to you.”

“Why? She is my daughter and this is very happy news.”

Rishi smiled and didn’t reply. He didn’t know what to talk to his father in law in such situations. If he was with his friends, things would have been different. He had infact called Sinduja, but she was busy applying for her higher studies abroad. Journalism in India was not what she thought it should be. But he was amazed about the death of topics between Thyagarajan and himself. This is not good, he told to himself.

“So.. Kavitha?” he started.

Thyagarajan stopped his hand midway to his mouth and stared at Rishi. A heavy silence hung in the room. As a rule, they don’t talk about Thyagarajan’s estranged daughter.  Even the whispers of Parvathy and Sadjama were very clear to both of them. Rishi immediately regretted what he was about to start

“What about her?” Thyagarajan asked and put the sweet back into the plate.

“Don’t get me wrong. This is really new to me. Right now, I really wish Sadjama was your elder daughter. I meant to ask, how did you feel when you knew Amma was pregnant with first child? Were you as clueless as me?”

“Well! I never thought I would say this. But you keep calling Parvathy Amma and you don’t call me Appa. Why is that?”

“You are diverting the topic” Rishi had to divert the topic, because he had no idea.

“I was very happy. I can say that. But things are not like this when Parvathy became pregnant. My father and mother were there. And I knew they were happy but they wont share it with her. That was more hurting. My mother broke the news to me. So it was different. I just nodded and went to the room and locked myself”

“That’s it? That is how you react to happiness?”

“Any extreme emotions for that matter. I will have the urge to sing. But I was afraid what my parents would think”

“They should be happy right?”

“They should have been. They were from different era. Right from the moment Parvathy came into the house, they felt and insecurity which was fed by the near and dear. They thought Parvathy will make me abandon them. It only increased when she became pregnant”


“So that was it. No sweets, nothing. I went into my room and sang my heart out”

“I wish I could sing now”

“No harm trying”

“Not with you and Sadjama in house. You have atlast accepted me into your family. I don’t want to spoil it.”

Rishi wanted to have the same conversation with Parvathy. She was a person from a very male dominated family. He was not even sure she had the support of her family when she were fighting the insecurities of her in-laws and true to what he called her, she was his mother he never had. He couldn’t go back and change anything. But he felt that she was not heard well. She was happy to share things with Rishi

“So, Have you informed your friends?” Thyagarajan asked.

“Believe me Uncle nobody is really interested to know what is happening with my life. My friend, Sinduja is moving to a different country for her higher studies and suddenly it feels like I don’t have anyone”

Thyagarajan started to say something but stopped himself. He wondered why Rishi still didn’t consider they were all there for him. He didn’t want to get into his nerves. Not that day.

“Even though we have informed the people who matters the most, there is something missing. Don’t you think?” Rishi asked.

“Oh ya! We should go to temple I guess. But I should ask Parvathy”

“No you just sit, I will go and talk to them. They have been in there for too long”

He went in and found Sadjama dabbing her eyes with her pallu. Parvathy was also looking sad.

“Did something happen?” He asked.

“No! we are just overwhelmed” Parvathy said and walked out of the bedroom. Before she crossed Rishabh, she cupped his face in her hands and said, “I am very happy Rishi. More than Sadjama, I am happy for you” She too dabbed her eyes with her pallu before joining Thyagarajan in the living room. She just sat beside him. They both didn’t talk. Thyagarajan just put his arm around Parvathy. Parvathy buried herself in Thyagarajan’s shoulder.

“Uncle. We can go out for dinner. I have small call to finish. I will be back” Rishi said with his ipad with him. He came back as if he thought of something and looked at Parvathy.

“Amma! I have heard these both people sing. I am very happy today, but I cannot sing like them. Can you be my voice today? Sing something in Tamil. Not that Telugu or Sanskrit ones.” Rishi did not wait for the answer. Thyagarajan just raised his eyebrows once and left it at that.

Sadjama too came out of the room as to not disturb Rishi’s call and joined Thyagarajan and Parvathy. They were contemplating on what song Parvathy should sing one Rishi was back.

A few minutes later Rishi walked into the living room with his iPad. “Here I am. What am I going to listen?”

They had not yet decided still. Thyagarajan was looking at Parvathy with a smile. He, like Rishi was very eager to listen to what his wife was going to sing. Parvathy was really shy to sing in front of her husband.

“Amma, do you need some motivation?” Rishi asked. All three looked at him. He turned the iPad screen for them to see Kavita waving them with tears in her eyes.

“Kandanaal Mudhalai Kaadhal Perugudhadi

Kaiyinil Vel Piditha Karunai Sivabalanai

Parvathy’s voice filled the room while her tears dropped down her cheek like a dam. Thyagarajan and Sadjama was very shocked to react. Thyagarajan looked at Rishi. He was not sure if Rishi was enjoying the song or the happiness in Parvathy’s face.

He walked away and stood at the corner looking the other side. This was what he wanted to give Parvathy. This happiness which would take her to tears right away. He realized he is getting old and he didn’t think of it. Or may be some surprises are effective only when the son gave it to the lady. Parvathy had now finished the anupallavi. Thyagarajan didn’t pay attention to intently listening kavita in the computer screen. He wanted to sing for his wife. He should be singing for his wife for the rest of his life.

“neelamayil tannai nenjamum marakkavillai
nesamudan kalanda pAsamum maraiyavillai”
Parvathy stopped as soon as Thyagarajan started. Sadjama was startled to hear the voice of her dad. There is a new found benovalance, a touch of romance in his voice. She hadn’t dared to say that all these days. But she had convinced herself that her father couldn’t emote. She knew how the emotions came when she noticed as Thyagarajan locked his gaze to Parvathy.

They finished singing and it was time for the family to catch up with happenings. Kavita was so happy about the news and she declared she was already a fan of Rishabh. Thyagarajan didn’t talk much. He didn’t know what to talk. Sadjama was overjoyed to say the least. Finally it was time for Kavita to start to work.  The four got in Thyagarajan’s car and drove to a upmarket restaurant. Thyagarajan dropped Sadjama and Rishi at their place. Parvathy got down the car and held Rishabh’s hand.

“Amma! Are you happy today?” Rishabh asked.

She nodded. A thin coat of moisture formed in her eyes.

“Wont you ask me?” Thyagarajan asked from behind the wheel. Rishabh bent down to meet his eyes.

“What would make you happier than seeing Amma like this?” he asked.

Thyagarajan turned his face and signaled Parvathy to get in. They drove off. Rishi was looking at the car disappear.

Sadjama had changed and was waiting for him in the living room. He gently planted a kiss in her forehead and sat at her feet.

“I didn’t tell that to you to call my sister. How did you find her skype id?”

“I am a marketer. We have teams to research for cold calls. These are child’s play for them”

“Amma was so happy. You always have this thing for my mom right?”

“Today it was about your dad. Did you see him today? I bet he is going to shut his door tonight and sing”

“How did you know about that?”

“Huh. He told me. What’s wrong?”

“Last time when he did that, it was because of Kavitha’s refusal to come back home”

“Oh” Rishabh bit his tongue.

“So you are doing thinks to make all others happy. When will you give me the surprise?”

“Whenever you tell my highness. What do you want? I don’t know what to do. I should talk to amma in the morning to take care of you and do things you like”

“I am already happy Rishabh. You just keep smiling like this. That will do”


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