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Day before yesterday when Chennai Bloggers Club’s whatsapp group lightened up a bit after co-ordinating the flood relief and supplies, Sriram bounced this idea about the blogs we miss reading. There could be a lot of reasons for someone to pause blogging. We may never know the whole story. But we know in our heart that we enjoyed and looked forward for every post of specific person. To me, it is always Bhavia Velayudhan.

I met her for the first time in Indiblogger meet. Her blog name Hey I think this way caught my attention. I started following her blog since that day. It is hard to see a person who wears her heart in her sleeve and also express that beautifully in her blog. Here are some of my favorite posts of her.

Valuable lessons from Malayalam Cinema for Men and Women – This post talks about how films and serials stereotype men and women. I always thought Malayalam Cinema dont worship their stars. But there are messages which I took in passing were dumb and dangerous if people practice it. Most of the feminine issues mentioned here are so real and people utter it in the same tone as they have watched in the films. Do give it a read.

15 Romantic Malayalam Films which I want the world to watch : Premam had robbed so many hearts across the country. Many will now want to watch Malayalam Romantic movies. Go through this ultimate guide to pick and choose. And watch out for other Malayalam Film series too.

Worries of Indian Boy: She is a staunch feminist. But she did a poll and floater around questions about how the society sterotyped males and published that in her blog. I loved answering her questions.

Railway Cafe : Oh she writes great fictions too! People say I have a knack of making dialogues look like conversations. Guess where I got that trick? Yes. Read this post to know more.

A Cut, A Pain and a Life : I loved this post so so much that I wrote the story in another character’s POV.  When we decided to publish her book, this was the title. You can read my POV here

Surprise : This will be my all time favorite from her Blog. Read on to know more 🙂

Bhavia! I know you are busy. I know you are handling so much of things right now. But please when you find time, resume writing. Remember! We should do a short story Anthology together


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