November was a month of lessons for me. There was so much to learn and I am not sure if I had grasped even half of it. It all started from the first day of the month.

She was a very close friend. Before three years we would meet often and share all the stories. At one point of time it was like we were the conscience of each other. Then one fine day she stopped talking. Our mutual friend told me that she needed some time to gather herself up because of something. I waited for three years. And then on November 2, I see her wedding picture shared by that mutual friend. I wasn’t even invited. I was shattered to say the least.

Take away : There is always an expiry date to any relationship. Don’t waste time in it. Those who want to stay will stay.



Then there was the floods. It started as a drizzle and then the clouds split open. We had to find a friend’s place to stay and this Diwali was the most forgettable Diwali we’ve ever had. But I was thankful that we had resources to move to a different place. After a week, when I went back to see my house, it was heartbreaking. My bike had fell down and there was nobody to set it right. With my fractured hand, it took me forever to get my bike up. But I knew it was futile. The battery, the engine and even the headlight hoods were full of muck and dirty water. I waded through waist high water to see our gas cylinder and Fridge floating. All my favorite shirts were washed away in the flood. The blood soaked shirt which I had saved from the accident as a memorabilia too was gone. It was devastating.

Take away : Attachment is stupid. A few days of nature’s fury can take away everything you thought was yours. Be wise.

In between all these things, I was organizing a blogging contest and event. I had to be in touch with most of the people in the group and there was no internet for half of the month. And even if there was internet, My hand didnt allow me to use the laptop. Most of the conversations happened through mobile. There was trouble and I contacted two bloggers friends of mine for help. They did without any answer. I had to ask that question to them. Why were they being so nice and helpful? The answer I got shocked me. They said I was the most approachable person in the blogging community.

Take away : Be kind and lend your ears and shoulders for people. But while doing so, remember the first two take aways.

There are three more days to end this month. I am sure there are two or more lessons pending for me.

How was your November?


  1. NJ

    Been there done that in the first two situations. Learning to care about people or things without being attached to them was very difficult for me. As a result, I got hurt pretty bad all the time. You can’t even play ‘blame games’. In a way it is that pain through which I am now learning the art of detachment. I still do care but I don’t cry over people who have left or things I have lost (or at least not for a long time). You mourn the loss for sometime and then eventually move on. Life is not permanent so there’s nothing else really that would last forever.

    It’s good to see you looking at the positive side though. I’m sure it’s tough to be tough all the time. But life’s not always full of thorns. There are pretty roses too 🙂 So as I’ve mentioned before, chin up, smile, be strong and take it one day at a time 🙂

    1. Post

      Nirmal, it is indeed an art to care without attachment. In a fleeting moment where I was able to do that I felt like God. It was so refreshing. We get hurt all the time, don’t we. We care for some and they don’t care. We are indifferent towards some and then it kills us later. To move on is a dreadful path filled with darkness and thorns. I hate that being a frequent traveler down that lane. So as you said, in this temporary life I make sure I keep my smile permanent and chin up 🙂 Thank you so much for comment. And I did get your hug and cake from Raji 🙂

  2. Bhushavali

    Brags, reading your post, I took the phone and called a good old friend. Both scolded each other in all ******* words for not being in touch and had a hearty laugh right now!!! I should thank you for that.
    Btw, true Brags, you are one of the very approachable members in CBC! 🙂

    1. Post

      I am glad that it happened you know. The accident taught me a lot. Tomorrow might be too late to call and catch up with someone. Thanks for the last sentence. 🙂 It truly means a lot.

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