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She was lost. Who said romance was easy? The power point presentations, client meets and impossible bosses had thrown her plans to trash. He was ready to meet her in the airport the next day. He is a practical guy who wouldn’t expect anything. God knows if he remembered their meeting anniversary itself. But still she wanted to make it special for him. He deserved this and much more. She was fiddling with her mobile in the cab. The traffic took forever to clear. Half of her wanted to miss the flight so that she can get something for him and the other part of her wanted to catch the flight as she couldn’t wait to see him. She browsed through her Facebook feed.  Few of her blogger friends had written blogs about an online jewellery portal. She didn’t have the time then.  Considering the traffic the best thing to do is to distract the mind. She clicked open one of the link.


Chennai was gloomy. The rains had stopped and he was alone in his flat. He clearly remembered the day they met. It had been three years since they met. They had never celebrated anniversaries. His friends’ girlfriends celebrated “the first time I got on your bike” anniversaries. They just laughed at it. They had been taking it real slow. But this sudden separation of five days because of her office assignments made him realize that things had gone beyond control. He was in love with her. He promised to meet her at the airport. “Should I go down on my knees?” he thought to himself


She had been looking at the Stylori website for a long time now. For a moment the crawling taxi didn’t bother her. She was looking at the Shop for him tab under the gifts section. His ring less fingers always bothered her. He was not the one to wear jewelry. But he would wear this, hopefully for the rest of his life. The Sacred Channel ring with 18K Gold and diamond studding took her breath away. She muttered a silent prayer to God before clicking Buy now.


He called his sister Sinduja to take him to a jewelry shop. “So you are finally going to do it. I am so happy for you guys” The little hesitation he had evaporated with the chirpy voice of his sister.

“So take me to a nice place. I want you to help me select a ring” He said.

“Dude! I understand what I mean to you and all. But I cannot come out of my house because of the waterlogged roads. Moreover, this is bit personal to involve me” He looked out of the window. The roads were badly flooded. He cant go out too. “What do I do now? I decided to do it atlast and now this. May be this is just a bad idea” he said.

“Shut up stupid. Go to Stylori

“What did I tell you now? I cannot go out”

“It is a website. Try online jewellery shopping. They even promise next day delivery”

“But.. But can we trust them?”

“So you said you are saving some for my marriage right? Where are doing it?”

“I am paying chit every month in NAC Jewellers”

“Stylori is part of NAC Jewellers. So you don’t have to worry about all that. Just do it”

He didn’t know what to buy. But he went directly to Shop for her section. He liked the flowerpot ring. He ordered it and used the promocode which gave him 22% discount too. Right at the moment his mobile rang. It was her.


“Sorry pa! My flight is cancelled”

“I expected it. It is raining mad here. I will come and pick you up tomorrow”

“I missed you”

“I missed you too” Just please don’t go away on work again.

“I will message you the arrival time. I will wait in airport and catch the flight.” She cut the call. Both of them were too excited to talk more.

Since he had already bought something for her and couldn’t keep her off his mind he browsed through other categories like earrings, pendants and gifts by occasions imagining his life with her. The navigation was so fluid and everything in the website looked like tailor made for her. He placed orders for a couple of earrings and pendants before he signed off. It was a big day tomorrow. He could hear his heart beat and somehow the weight of the wallet didn’t matter.

He picked her up from airport and dropped her in her place. They didn’t talk much other than usual office things. She was tired. And his order was scheduled to deliver in another one hour. He wanted to be at home when it was delivered. The delivery was prompt. It was neatly packed in a pink color box. He thought of giving her with the box but it would not look good. He imagined keeping medicines, thread and needles in such boxes in their home when they are married. She didn’t even say yes, you idiot, his mind voice disturbed his train of thoughts.


She was in her best dress when he reached her place that evening. The house was well lit with candles all around. “Power cut” she answered his questioning look. He saw the same pink box lying around in her bed when he peeped in. Must be a good incentive year he thought to himself. She was walking towards the balcony. He followed her but he couldn’t stop himself from saying.

“I need to tell you something” she said before he could.

“Hmm” he said. She silently slipped the Scared Channel ring in his ring finger. The diamonds shone brightly in the candle light. “Ok” He said.

“That is all?” she couldn’t believe him. He must be the plainest joe ever.

“Yes. We both don’t like drama. So Yes. I would like to be your husband. Thanks for deciding to share your life with me.” He said slipping the Flower pot in her finger. He was not there to see her reaction. “Oh! You know how I blabber all the time about how I mess up things and how this world is against me. You will have to bear with me” he said removing her ear rings standing behind her. I didn’t even clean the bedroom today she cursed herself. But he just took the Peacock Pride Jhumkas he bought for her and decorated her cute earlobes. He closed her eyes and led her to the mirror. She couldn’t wait to see what is adorning her ears.

“We both don’t believe a piece of thread will bind us forever. We have talked about that. But you know, male ego” he pinned the platinum pendant he bought for her behind her neck, “I can just say, I will adore you forever”

“OK” she said.

“That’s all?”

Words failed her. He knew that. “Can you fix me a drink to celebrate the occasion?” he asked.

She went to her room and came back immediately with the cute pink Stylori delivery box.

“I was thinking of storing medicines or thread and needles in this box. What do you think?” she asked. He motioned her to come near him and hugged her till he felt her happy tears wet his cheeks.

This post is written for the CBC- Stylori Contest hosted by The Chennai Bloggers Club with association with Stylori


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