Celebrate the woman in you with ART-ery

The rains had hit Chennai badly. But one good thing about the incessant rains, water logged roads and power cuts is that it helped me take my eyes off mobile/laptop screen and spend time with family. In the myriad of topics we discussed, sexuality and how advertisements project the genders were also one. My mom is the first woman in her family to go to office. She was mocked first because of her appearance. She slowly started to get hold of the trend and changed her style of dressing and chose accessories to fit in. When it was too costly to afford she simply started making her own accessories. The little “never say die” attitude I have should be passed on to me by her.

Accessories are not just fashion statements anymore. It is not about fitting in. It is about expressing oneself. One such brand which caught my eye recently is ART-ery. I know the founder and director of Minu for quite sometime now. So I knew the jewels and accessories she make would be classy.



We met sometime back in Chennai just to take that Metro train ride. There was another event the next week

Me : Hey Minu! Can you come to the meet next week. It would be fun.

Minu: I would love to, but I am travelling to  North

Me : Huh?!

Minu: We are going there to handpick designs from there. They are so beautiful

Me: But do you have to spend so much travelling around? You can google things right?

Minu : Brags! People trust me. It is not just about researching. It is an art. It is in the blood and veins of people. I cant just google without being there in person.

Then I knew why she named her brand ART-ery. True, one’s inner self that is beautiful, stylish and fashionable. It is only fit to wear that outside and to bring that accurately we need to connect with people and understand their way of expressing it. True fashion is in one’s blood, in veins. And that is the message behind ART-ery.

The emphasis on the word ART made me curious. It is highly subjective. Minu explained me that her products are handpicked or home made to be statement pieces to reflect the inner self of a woman. When I think about it that is what makes good art. The musicians compose songs and we would relate it and cherish it for life. What ART-ery does is nothing short of it. I am sure whatever a woman selects from them, right from necklaces, earrings, bangles, arm cuffs, head bands, they can see how meticulously ART-ery had embodied art, style and elegance.

If you want to check out their collections, you can go to their Facebook page, Tumblr Blog, Website, Instagram and craftsvilla page. The company is very responsive and they are already making a wave in art exhibitions.

Here is wishing a successful run for ART-ery and each and every woman who stand up for themselves and express their inner personality


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