To be or not to be

As most of you know I am writing a novel. To hone my skills in creative writing I am part of various groups in Facebook as well as in real world. Being hand broken for a while let me spend time in various discussions in online forum. One of such trending topics is stuffing your prose with tough words. Most of the published authors in the forum were all for stuffing tough words. It didn’t bother me. We can hardly see agreement in a forum of artists. So it was a welcome change. 

But mocking people who make such comments is not cool. I went into few threads and gave my piece of mind. While people who don’t know the parts of speech or structure of novels become published authors, there is also this tribe of non-reading reviewers ( you read it right). All they want to do is leave an opinion. Constructive criticism be damned.
When I think about it, such avant grande language never had any fans. But still people want to pose as of their vocabulary is wider than Bay of Bengal. I wonder for what? Think about the literature you really liked. Think what you liked about it. Was it the words or idea? Or the words which expressed the idea? When I did think about it I couldn’t be sure. It’s a mix of all of it. Paulo Coelho, Raymond Chandler, Sidney Sheldon and yours truly dont bother to say big sized aerotic pumps. We just say big hearts. 
Here is a link of my favourite short story. This was not by some famous foreign author. This had not been in print. This was written two years back. I was working night shift then. I read this while I was out for a smoke. And when I finished reading the hairs in the nape of my neck stood up. That is why I remember this vividly to this date. Read on and see if you get the same feeling. And when you can give me the same feeling without running for a dictionary when I read your short story, you my friend, have truly arrived. 
Till then shut up, look down and type away. Words should come out of the darkest part of your geart when your fingers dancing on they key board. Not from your recently dusted dictionary. 

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