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In the previous post we saw the new age villains who are taking the screen by storm. Now let us just go back a bit. A lot of writers, who wrote pulp novels have ended up writing dialogues in mega serials now. Sujatha was one of the earliest entrants to the movie and television from print media. He was undoubtedly talented and if I have to talk about him, I need to run a separate series in this blog. So in continuation to the previous post let us look at the memorable villains created by Sujatha.

Rajarathnam from Gaayathri:

Welcome the king of villains. The only villain I love after Nambiar. This guy has a penchant to carry over any character given to him with ease. To see him unleash his wild side is a treat to watch. Yes I am talking about none other than our Super Star Rajinikanth. Sujatha had made the character as bad as possible. The director made a mistake in casting Jai Shankar as the protagonist. The film is about a porn movie maker and how he exploits his unassuming wife. Now go tell this to stars these days and let us see how many people do this role. And to become a super star after that ; that man truly possess some magnetic power.

Sugirtharaja from Vikram:

What a delight when Sathyaraj was playing Villain roles. It was his golden period when he did “Kakki Sattai” “Vikram” etc. This is one of the earliest spy movies in Tamil cinema. Sugirtharaja steals a rocket which belongs to Indian government and hides in the kingdom of Salamia. The best thing about the movie is not the muscle power but the cool villain. Sathyaraj scored a century with his performance.

Aranganathan from Mudhalvan:

Can anybody forget the epic interview scene in this movie? If you remember it, know that it was because of Raghuvaran. How can you spice up a normal political drama? Hire Raghuvaran to play the role. Apart from the screenplay, dialogues penned for Raghuvaran took the cake. Particularly in the final scene.  Aranganatha will go down as one of the finest villains of Indian cinema. Mainly because both Raghuvaran and Sujatha are not with us now.

Inbasekaran from Ayutha Ezhuthu:

He is one of my favourite Villains. That was the first time, when I got confused whether I could really like a Villain. The movie opens with him and just when you vouch for him he becomes badder. Power packed performance by Madhavan took this character to some other height. Check out the scene when he rants about his married life when he waits for his victim to arrive. And then nonchalantly hitting his target. In the above said Villains, this man had a great character arc and I absolutely loved the way he is till the end.

Do you recall any other villains or screen writers? Do comment


    1. Post

      If we look closely so many characters in Tamil cinema of female protagonists are shown stronger for the heck of it. When we see the movies after 20 years some of these movies are laughable. I am thinking of writing one across world cinema so that it would be easy to compare

      1. S(t)ri

        Yes… Even I was thinking the same thing while commenting… Some characters were hyped, some were unrealistic, but I guess you can pick the worthy ones! As much as I love World Cinema strong female protagonists, I would be curious to see your take on the Tamil ones too

    1. Post
  1. aratrika23

    I wish you would just write more about the earlier characters Rajinikanth did. People today don’t even know how the man used to act before he became a commercial star.
    And my favourite character in Mudhalvan is Manivannan. His dialogues are like the best in the entire movie. Giving even the most serious situations a light laugh. You could clearly see Sujatha’s touch in such scenes.

    1. Post

      I am so glad that people have read Sujatha. Since the post only talks about villains I didn’t include character roles in it. It should be fun to do a Rajini post. Let us see.

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