The Curious Case of Subha’s Villains

Thani Oruvan movie which was released last week is garnering praise Left, Right and Center. I have always liked Jayam Raja for his technicalities. His movies are always pleasant for eyes. I didn’t watch Thillalangadi because I am kind of allergic to Tamanna. I am really happy for the success of his original script but this is not about the movie.

Jayam Raja has teamed up with writers Subha for the second time (They wrote dialogues for Velayudham). There are some advantages in hiring novelists when you write a film. They give the proper character arc for all the characters. Sometimes they overdo it but most of the times, it gives a very fulfilling experience. Subha is a great friend of director K.V. Anand. If you see a movie poster which has Subha’s name in it, you can expect one thing. The handsome Villain (Except the movie “I”)

Madan from Kana Kanden:


This was the perfect launch for Prithviraj in Tamil. Everybody was pleasantly surprised about how the character was written and Prithviraj feasted it with such a ferocity which made Srikanth look like a school kid. When the box office was ruled by Pandya from Kakka Kakka and Thotti Jaya, Madan from Kana Kanden was like whiff of fresh air. I started to notice Prithviraj only after that.

Vasanthan Perumal from KO:

Honestly, I am not having a good feeling about KO-2 because I am not sure if anybody can do the Antagonist role like this guy. While Ajmal Ameer was no match to Prithviraj’s acting prowess, he was handsome and well dressed. And because of the character’s wit and presence he made the hero look clueless. Vasanthan Perumal was another good example of character development.


Ravikiran in Anegan

Anegan was one of the complex themes that were handled in a very efficient way. Ravikiran is a villain who is deadly as well as who has a mask to hide his evil face. It was very well portrayed by Karthik. The character holds the narrative together till the penultimate scene. I personally felt that the climax was rushed and enough justice was not done for the role.


Siddharth Abhimanyu in Thani Oruvan

Siddharth Abhimanyu is pure evil. The lead character was enhanced in the movie just because he had a worthy villain to fight. The conflict of the whole narrative was like When you stare the evil at its eyes long enough, you become the evil. The hero overcomes that obstacle and hence hailed as hero. Aravind Swamy had played it with ease and walked away with all the accolades.


When I think deep about it, I feel that we as audience can be easily manipulated. When we see a person who is well behaved and dressed, we tend to believe that he is a nice person. Most of the characters developed by this writer duo constantly took this to an advantage and masterly manipulated us. And we also tend to take sides with people who look good even if we know they are nothing but pure evil. If you don’t believe me you should see the claps Siddharth Abhimanyu is getting in theatres.

The next post may deal with the suave and dapper villains created by Writer Sujatha.



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