Long long ago, so long ago, only my computer can say how long ago, I wrote this post about something which was itching my mind. The question is like a demon residing in the folds of my tiny brain, which takes various shapes at different times. It is about art and passion. When I think much about it, I conclude that I don’t have any passion or art left in me.

I guess, most of us would have worked under some micro manager or other in our professional lives. How did you feel when you were in that phase? Somebody breathing down your neck, when you wanted to get something. Even if it was what the other person wanted and you didn’t really care about it. Just thinking about it makes me go into depression.

To weave a whole movie plot around this and get academy awards is something possible only for Americans I guess. As much I enjoyed the narration and the wonderful sound engineering, I cringed at the idea of the whole film. The ruthless teacher (or whatever he was) torturing the students with some composition he had written and the students almost killing each other to sit in the drummer’s seat. I really didn’t understand that at all.

Isn’t music is something that is to be enjoyed. It should convey the feelings of the composer, picked up with the same elan by the performer and enjoyed by the person who listens? Or Am I wrong here? Even the movie was about music, I didn’t see one person enjoying the music in the film either in the screen or in the movie hall. What is the point of making a movie about the music.

Music is something that liberates people; Connects people and making someone enjoy what he has got and tell it to the world in one of the most beautiful form possible. The protagonist gets confined, disconnects himself from people and he cannot even communicate what he feels with his near ones, all in the name of passion.

If you have watched the film, just let me know if you had enjoyed it? How far will you give up your inner peace in the pursuit of passion. If you had to change and become someone else in the process of pursuing your passion, is it worth at all?

I would love to have your comments.

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