The life of a friend called JK

I got this movie today thorough C2H. This is a new initiative in our country. Direct to video movies are a norm in western countries. It is a welcome change that we are also adapting to such ideas. The person who took the dealership gave me an impressive list of upcoming movies releasing every weekend through Cinema to Home initiative. The movie was delivered at door step and costs only 50 rs. It is a great bargain in my opinion.


I cant help but notice the template of Cheran’s movie with this film too. I would say he made a wise decision of not waiting for a theater release for this movie. Gone are the days, when emotional dramas like “Vaanathai Pola” and “Vetri Kodi Kattu” reap profit. People who flock to the multiplexes are now kind of allergic to such emotional dramas. I don’t know if this is good or bad. But that is just the case here.

The movie focuses on a certain JK, who wishes earn as much as he can in a short period of time. He is sincere, has good friends and works hard and always thinks to improve and explore the new businesses. This makes him a successful person and a respected friend in his group. But why does he run behind the money like a maniac? The movie which runs close to 140 minutes answer the question.

Sometimes directors like Cheran tell us through their work, why they are a class apart from the few uninspired directors. The writing is top notch and I wish he releases a screenplay book as they did for Mouna Guru, for JK as well. The movie dives straight into the story. The characters are developed well. He packs drunk driving, irresponsible driving, start up culture, entrepreneurship and the trouble of farmers all in one story, without making any of these issues look out of place. There is not much yawn inducing moments in the movie, for its own good. But don’t be surprised if the movie reminds you of Cheran’s previous movies.

GV Prakash kumar didn’t add much value to the movie, so is Santhanam. I don’t know what commercial aspect does he bring to table in a C2H initiative. The directors can now do away with item songs before the climax and unwanted comedy tracks while making direct to video movies I guess. Few people exist in the industry just because producers think they are crowd pullers. And now they will become obsolete.

When the actors perform in some scenes or just give some facial expression, we can see how the director had influenced them. It has happened before with SJ Suryah and T Rajendar. Now Cheran follows the suit. Sharvanand underplays his role. Thank you very much. I was irritated with him in his latest Telugu movie, Run Raja Run. Nithya Menon.. hmm whatever I say about her would be biased, so I skip that. Santhaman does what he usually does even when it was not required to the script or movie.

This is a big gamble a film maker could take. People watch movies in torrents and dvds not just because it costs a lot but also they can forward the boring part or pause it and watch it whenever required. This makes the director to be more responsible with his script and editing. One bad side stepping and alas, his four viewers in front of the TV is going to take a break or start watching a soap.

The quality of the DVD is top notch. When you get good movies, in this quality for 50 rs, nobody is going to take the chanceĀ of buying pirated versions, which may or may not play. The hero of the movie tries different things to succeed in life in limited time. I can see that in the person who came and delivered the DVD to me. Cheran couldn’t have found a better movie to debut in this new venture.

I would recommend anyone to watch the movie in free time. It may be outdated for few, but still you can watch this with your family and silently acknowledge the efforts of all your family members in different scenes.

All the best Cheran.. Hope it works well for all!


  1. Destination Infinity

    Cool. If there are legal/official options like this, I don’t mind even visiting the place, picking up a DVD, and giving it back to them myself. We did it with book libraries anyway. How do I find the dealer near my area?

    Destination Infinity

    1. Post

      There are video libraries ji. But it is unbelievably costly. And they are dying a slow death. I am not sure about the list of dealers or how to find yours. You can email them at and get the information I guess. Thanks for the visit and comment.

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