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I am writing a novel. I think most of you know that. At one point of time the novel was dormant for months and I was not sure whether to continue or not. So I sought the help of expert reviewer Sakshi Nanda, my alpha reader. Her reviews are spot on and always helpful while making a buying decision. While she responded back with the feedback, she asked whether I had thought of giving chapter titles. I obviously hadn’t thought about it till then. And I didn’t know why I have to.

She explained me while giving titles to each chapters we know what to include and what not to include in that particular chapter and generally it will help us in focusing what we have to do with the chapter to take the plot forward.

What a profound thought! I kicked myself for not thinking of that in first place.

Then again, I got busy with my desk job. Like everybody else I lose direction now and then. Before the start of this nanowrimo season, I opened her feedback just to make sure I am not going wrong again in the same area.

And then it struck me. If life was a book and every year was a chapter, what would I name this year? I spent good deal of time thinking about it. Now I have a team, who look up to me. I feel more responsible and losing direction for even an hour is not a choice. Then I thought of giving a name to each year. For example, 2015 might be named a hot wheels when I learn to drive four wheeler and probably buy one. 2016 might be named as “love actually” to find that one person.

Thinking further in those lines I thought, why name years when I can name the months. Then act accordingly while slowly but surely writing the book of my life one page at a time.

When I look ahead now, it doesn’t seem so bad.

So what are you going to name this year?? Drop them in as comments please.


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