Khud se Anjaan hoon mein

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised by the weather outside when I started to office. Not often you are greeted with a bit of fog and slight drizzling in Chennai. Somehow it took me ten years back. All the while putting a melody into my mind. It is fascinating how the mind works, where it takes references from and to bring a morning of 2004 back to the memory,  I think I was smoking something really good the day before.



The song that was playing in my mind was from a movie called Shabd. I am not sure whether that movie was even a hit. I don’t understand Hindi Lyrics most of the time. It was 2004 December and I was in my native. Tirunelveli. I was working as a caretaker in a browsing center. I started early in the morning and the weather was ditto same as it was yesterday in Chennai. My usual route to the browsing center I worked is one of the greenest in Tirunelveli. The sides of the road was not filled with trees but with thick grass and bushes.It really put me in a good mood at the start of the day. I walked into the browsing center, dusted it and was waiting for people to come in. The colleges were having semester holidays, I knew the footfalls will be very low. I just switched on a computer in which a user had downloaded a mp3 file. I have instructed people not to do so. Before I deleted it, I decided to play it. First a man was talking and I thought it was some kind of self help audio. Our tea man knocked the door indicating that he had filled the flask with my morning coffee. I poured it in a paper cup and watching the drizzle taking in the great aroma of coffee. And then Sonu Nigam started like this “Khud se Anjaan hoon mein”. It gave an inexplicable feeling and goosebumps. I knew I was not going to delete that file out of that computer. By the time Sunidhi Chauhan and Sonu Nigam came together to “..Ho na jaaye jo na socha hayaalon mein…” I was smiling without any reason. The chill just got into the bones and it felt like I just got a warm hug. Some times not having anybody and just dreaming about your ideal mate will itself give you a satisfaction beyond words. Needless to say that day was great for me. Well.. Why did I start writing this? Oh yeah.. Since the melody came and sat in my mind because of the similar whether, my mind refused to believe we had traveled ten years since that. It went to the same state as on that rainy December morning ten years back. And I glided through a 11 km commute in 14 minutes with all the signals turning green. I could have deleted the file ten years back without listening to it. I could have stayed in bed for few more hours ten years back. But I did something else and after ten years on a mundane day, it changed the whole day for me. Mind and its relating capacity is fascinating. But damn you.. “Munbe Vaa En Anbe Vaa”


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      Very true. Some times we do such things consciously and sometimes it is just in the flow. Thanks for the visit and comment Jai.

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