Modelling – Boon or Bane?

This week was really good. Blog reading wise. First I came across this post and in the comment thread of it in a Facebook group I came across this post . Apart from realizing I have lost the ability to articulate as well as these guys, I also realized I was even judgmental in observing people. I am a photo hobbyist. Observation is very important for that. And more importantly, observation without judgement would make a great photograph. This post is nothing like posts mentioned above. But on a entirely different thing.

The CLT20 finished yesterday. CSK won it like a boss. But during the breaks there were numerous advertisements. Most of the advertisement these days are for mobile phones. And none of the models looked like Indians.

I was wondering, what had happened to Indian models? Are the Foreign models come cheaper than Indian models? And how can the agency people think you can sell something in India just by telling “Hey! This is cool. The foreigners are using this”. I had few friends who tried to get into the field of modelling and acting. I know the drill they went through. Acting class, grooming themselves, sweating out in gym, special diet to trim the body, to beef up. I have always thought it is one of the most demanding jobs.

But what is the general thought about models? They earn a lot. They party and they have all cute women as their arm candy. If only people had the smallest of ideas of what they go through to reach a point in their career, they would feel ashamed to make such judgments. That makes me borrow one of the lines from the above linked post “This act of non judgmental observation is the highest form of intelligence one can acquire”. 

As I said earlier, I am a photo hobbyist. Once my photographer friend asked me to give him a hand on covering a fashion event. The fashion event was scheduled to start by 8.30 PM but as usual it started by 11 PM. I was damn hungry and the organizers didnt think photographers do not have stomach or hunger. The worst part is they thought the same with the models too. More than 15 male models were cramped in a single room. Along with a sack of snakes which would be used in some badly choreographed snake dance. They should dress, groom themselves in the same room. All of them had great abs and and they had shirtless walks that night. And they were not allowed to drink water. Yes you heard me right. They were locked in the room from 3.30 PM promising the show will start by 8.30 PM without food or water. They were asked to do some push ups and crunches before they went to the stage.

I asked one of the models, what makes them do this. He pointed out my camera and asked what makes you do this. The photographer I had gone with is one of the best in the city and before even I remove the memory card from my camera he will be paying me. I said that to him. He said such shows mean exposure and somehow a director might see him and he will get a role. He was very excited that he did a scene in Shankar’s film “I”. Mind you, this is good two years ago and the movie hasnt released yet.

The less I talk about the female models the better. They have to look good and the pressure is thrice higher than the  male models. They will have to make a fashion statement without looking vulgar. They cannot afford to have an extra  inch of fat in their waist, arms or thighs. They didnt eat anything. And they had to change from Western to Indian clothes in like five minutes. And they did it. Some high heels didnt fit and some people had ankle problem because of that. But they cant show it in front of the camera. I stopped judging people then and there.

And then after all these, you come across posts in social media saying an actor gets crores of salary for a single film and you get nothing etc etc. The actor is not paid just for the few months he spent for the movie but for the years he spent on waiting for the role, getting himself ready to get the role etc.,

This is high time that advertisement agencies realize that the foreigner thing will not work anymore. And logically I would like to see a fellow countryman recommend something and the chance of me buying it is greater. They should think about it.



  1. vinodvv

    Well you know about Marketers, liars 😛 they want to bring the perception to the brand that it is international one.

    The success for models is their right connection and what brand they work for.

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