E tumi Kemon Tumi

I wonder who is this person

who sits in my eye, holding a mirror in her hand;

Whenever I try to talk with her

I get only silence as a reply.

I still have no idea why

she has that mirror in her hand and

what she is trying to make me see.

Like a speck in the corner of the eye,

while you drive in a busy main road

I try to ignore her and try to look

beyond her.

But I know she is still there

trying to attract my attention

Only through her prolonged silence.

I know that I know her.

But I cannot just recall where I had seen her

It is like that ancient melodies of our land

which follow you after centuries and you

dont even know who was singing that for you

A mere word from her may put my nervousness to a pause

But she fills my day with language of sighs

Her face disturbs me

I want to say a thousand things to her and

no words come out of my mouth.

I should have been a  poet in one of my previous birth

who was cursed with a verbal constipation.

She showed me in the mirror

the days I was smiling

I was laughing

I was ME

which I didnt dare to do for a long time.

Now I want to treat her again like

a speck of dust in a busy road

As all the mirror shatters and

She will also dissolve in tears.


  1. mramani

    So close, yet so far,
    Her smile,
    Keeps haunting me,
    I seek her,
    In the crowds,
    But alas – I only see her,
    In the confines,
    Of my mind,
    When I dream!

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