Kerala Diaries – Part 3

We had to cross Cochin city to reach Cherai Beach from Alleppey. I didnt know that before. It took us more than one and half hours to reach Cherai beach. In the car, Vid, Shruti and me tried our level best to explain the plot of tamil movie “Soodhu Kavvum” to Shiva. After a while we kinda gave up as we stopped telling stories but interesting scenes and confused him. We we sitting in silence, when he suddenly burst into laughter and said, “I didnt know you three two days ago and now we are talking like there is no tomorrow”. It seemed like something that was repeated a lot and then I realized, I was the one who was repeating it over and over in my head. The sad part was Shiva had to cut short his vacation to attend a friend’s wedding the next day.

We had booked our stay at Hotel Bluewaters Cherai. It was an awesome property with beach at the front of the hotel and backwaters at the back of the hotel. The girls wanted to try the ayurveda massage in Kondai Lip the day before. But there was no female masseuse available there. They kept on asking whether the facility would be available in Bluewaters. I was the one who was filling the forms and formalities in the reception. I remembered what the girls asked and inquired the pretty lady at the reception.

“Do you have female masseuse available here?”

She was kind of uncomfortable to answer. I didnt know why. She called for the manager and he came to me screaming.

“No woman-man massage. Only man-man massage”

They thought I was asking for a female masseuse for me. But then we knew there is facility for massage and checked in our room. The room was comfortable with the balcony. Before we went for the buffet lunch we booked our appointment in the massage parlor in the terrace.

DSC_7763 DSC_7736 DSC_7732 DSC_7781

We finished our lunch as soon as we can reached the room. I was quite excited about the massage thing. In a corner of my heart, I believed that the Kerala Ayurvedic massage will give ma gold dipped color tone. Though I was not really expecting that to happen, it was there in my mind. We went upstairs after the lunch leaving Shruti to convince Shiva to drop his plans for the evening.

Two elderly ladies took the girls to their massage rooms and a man took me to mine. I was not very fluent in Malayalam and we had nothing to talk. When I stepped in the room, he locked it up and said

“Sir. Remove dress”

I sat with my shorts in the stool when he prepared some oil. He turned back to me and said.

“Sir! Remove dress. All”

“I am sorry?” I asked him.  I was not sure what he meant.

“For massage, no dress”

“What? No!”

“Yes” He then gave me a loin cloth which was like half or my arm length and tied it around my waist. It felt really really uncomfortable. But at such circumstances, closing your eyes help. I didnt open my eyes until he finished the massage. I had to open it only when he made me sit in the steam bath room. The oils had refreshing effect in my joints. But it was weird conversing with a person while you are sitting almost naked in a hot room, with only your head jutting out of the opening. Finally the given one hour was over and I was off to take bath. Wearing back my dress never felt so good till then. I was the first one to come to room and wait for others.

When three of us came back to the room, we burst into laughter. We were asking each other, “you too? you too?” leaving shruti and shiva confused. Soon it was time to head to beach and shiva to bid adieu. After a evening stroll in beach we bade good bye to Shiva as he took bus from Cherai to his destination. We came back to room to watch Mumbai Indians taste their first victory in IPL 7 and making CSK No. 1 in the table. We spent the evening chatting and chatting in the room. We had a relatively quite dinner and I had a very good sleep while the girls were having fun.

I didnt want the sun to come up the next day too soon. It was Sunday and last day of our trip. I hated the fact that all good things come to an end so soon.


  1. mahesh

    Good post! So does the travelogue end here or is there one more episode?? Or will it be a new destination, a new journey and a new series of posts?

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