My Role Model

I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association with

My first vlog attempt. I know I look really weird. Switching off the fan to cut down the noise was a bad idea.

For people like me who are lazy to watch eight minute video, here is my role model.


Here is the original ad featuring Rahul Dravid.



  1. mahesh

    Hi BP,

    A really heart-warming post – for someone like me who never had the grace of an actual father’s love though my maternal uncles guided me a lot in my troubled childhood – I will always remain very sad knowing I never had anyone with whom I could confide in my secrets, share a joke, perhaps have a drink, something like SPB and Prabhudeva in ‘Kaadhalan’.

    Sigh – a praise-comment ends up as a sob-story – sorry man 🙂

    Wonderful post as always and my namaskarams to your Appa!


    1. Bragadeesh Prasanna

      May be you will be all that to you son/daughter. I bet they cannot get a better person than you Mahesh. Cheers.

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