Pizza corner party

It all started with one email sent by Deepa Pillai of Media Moments. They had organized a party in Pizza corner, who make the cheesiest pizza in town. The event was scheduled on Saturday 29th March in their Virugambakkam outlet. I had asked whether the famous Chennai bloggers would be able to come to the event to make it spicier, and few of them agreed. Since it was Saturday few of the bloggers were working. I would be great if such events were planned on Sundays. I understood the reason once I was there in the outlet.

Many thanks to Clement Williams, who picked up Mahesh and me from Anna nagar. We picked up two other bloggers along the way and reached the venue fifteen minutes after the scheduled time. The bloggers were already there and it was nice to see few familiar faces and few faces behind the blogs I follow. The first set of bloggers were already inside the kitchen and they were trying their hands in making pizza.

DSC_7366 DSC_7365 DSC_7409

I sneaked in the kitchen in the pretext of clicking pictures. The chef was very patient while he explained how to make dough and let the bloggers practiced it. Harikrishna Raguraman and Gopal had almost finished the preparation when I sneaked in. Different people had different questions and everything was answered promptly and politely. I didn’t try to get into the cooking part, because even when I boil water, it comes out tasteless. But the others were having so much fun. It was like they were creating a piece of art and they couldn’t wait to see the end result.

The spiciest and yummy pizza was made by Sashi. We named it Punjabi style pizza. It had typical Indian taste to it. Uma Srini and Gopal tried cone shaped thing filled with cheese and they were successful in it. Harikrishna and Gopal’s pizza was the first to come out of the oven and it disappeared in seconds. The guys were proud and also bit shy when the ladies complimented their cooking. Folks! Your wives are so lucky. Not only that you cook so well, you clean the plate without wasting any food. What more compliment than a girl get than that. Karthick Pasupathy and myself tried unique combination of chicken and mutton pizza. It came out really well. But by the time the third pizza came out of the oven, most of us were full.

The staff were pleasant and courteous. There were totally 7 people to take order, serve as well as prepare pizzas. And at one point of time we were more than 12 people inside the kitchen which would accommodate only 7 people. But still no one complained, the smile didn’t go away from their face even for a second. And also the cooking space was well planned and it really helped to serve their customer efficiently.

If it would make you feel any better, Pizza corner store their vegetarian and non-vegetarian ingredients separately. Even the vessels used were different. So if you are a vegetarian and love pizzas, you dont have to hesitate to take a bite in Pizza corner. They let our health conscious friend to have pasta, instead of pizza. There were some fun activities planned like folding the pizza boxes. Subramaniam Thirunavukkarasu from Chennai bloggers club won the prize.

After the customary group snap and pulling legs and laughing our hearts out, we bid adieu to Pizza corner. It was a weekend well spent. The only problem I faced was I was not able to walk after downing all those pizzas with coke.

P.S. Just to intimidate fellow bloggers. After the pizza meet, I went to Sanjeeta Kumar’s home to have a look at her home studio. You have to see it to believe the cutlery collection she had collected over years. It was of different age, size and from all parts of India. The studio was simple but effective. You should follow her Facebook page to know what I am talking about. And the most important part is, she had prepared her special yummilicious egg-less brownies for me. Since I couldn’t eat then, she packed it for me. And she prepares those brownies with some magic potion. The moment I opened the box at my house, it disappeared immediately.


  1. Neelesh

    Wonderful experience Bragadeesh. Cooking has its own thrill and when people like food cooked by you, it’s a feeling akin to hitting a century. BTW, water is tasteless whether boiled or otherwise, so it’s not your fault. Try putting some maggi into it after boiling, You’ll pat your own back.

  2. Prince

    I crossed that road 2 days after you people been there. Man the drainage outside that shop is broken and that road is full of water. Seriously what you people did!?

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