Happy Birthday!!

“You are such a selfish person you know?”

“What? What did I do this time?”

“The usual, you come here only when you want to. I need a stable relationship. You cannot come and go as you wish.”

“Of Course, I can. Remember we had an agreement.”

“But I have waited for so long. Remember 2011, You came in just once in a month. That too when you had to say something. When you want some place to cry. I am so done with that.”

“What about 2012? I was there with you most of the time. Same with 2013. I gave you all of my attention.”


“Well! Not all of my attention. But still you were important part of my life. ”

“Exactly! I was. I don’t know why you couldn’t tell that I AM a part of your life.”

“Come on! Should we really do this? That too today?”

“You should know my worth. See how I had changed your life. I gave you experiences, great friends and a wonderful group. Hi-tea parties, free t-shirts and what not?”

“That is why I say, I love you. I mean it.”


“Yes! I may not say it as often as you like. I may not come here as often I like to. But you should understand that whenever I had something to say, I always came to you. ”

“I know.”


“But I miss you.”

“That makes us two”

“You miss me too?”

“Yes, I miss you. But I miss me a lot.”

“That is why I told you, you are such a selfish person.”

“I know. That is why I love you. You know me inside and out but still love me. I owe you a lot.”

“What now?”

“Nothing. I just came by to say Happy Birthday.”


“Yeah! This is the day you were born few years ago. We don’t want to recall the circumstances. But still, you were one of my best decisions.”

“Hope you remember that this year and come visit me often.”

“Of Course, my dear blog. Love you. Happy Birthday again”



  1. Susan Deborah

    What a lovely, heartwarming post. Here I was imagining girl/boy problems and kiss and make up stuff. Well, a blog is definitely our beloved!

    Cheers to many more years of blogging.

    Joy always,

  2. Post

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