Happy Birthday Vinod!!!

I just wanted to quit my job and follow my passion. There were only two problems. I didn’t ย have a job to quit or a dream to chase. But then there are some people. They relentlessly follow their dream. They may take up something they always wanted to do. Right at that moment, they are facing their masters straight away. The person who is going to pay them should be pleased. There may be situations when they have to drive 1600 kms without sleep in their car to be at the right place at ย the right time.

I have always wondered what keeps them going. That is something I will never really understand. My friend Vinod is one such person. He followed his dream to be a photographer. He was always there whenever I needed him. When I was away from Facebook for a period of time, he always called me to check whether I was alright. I’ve seen him cover a Kathakali performance in the evening and a fashion show late at night without even having a gulp of water. I still wonder what keeps him going. This video gave me an idea, why a photographer is important. No amount of money will compensate for what he did to these people.

For a photographer to sustain in the market now, it is not just enough to be good with the camera. He has to be a master negotiator, a patient artist, customer care executive answering some stupid queries over the phone. He is doing it and I am happy for him. He might not have achieved what he wanted to achieve now. But one thing I am very sure is he will be there at some point of time. Because hard work and love for an art cannot go wasted. Because people do not chose art; Art chooses people.

Here is wishing him a very happy birthday and many more happy returns of the day. I wish I could click the celebrations of his birthday. I am not skilled like him. I am not patient like him. I don’t have his eye. But when I type this I have a big smile on my face and I know he would like to capture that as well. Let the party begin bro!!

How to celebrate birthday of an artist without showcasing few of his masterpieces? :P.

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    1. Bragadeesh Prasanna

      Thozhil ragasiyam boss. When I met him last he had a queue of people curious to learn from him. Better apply for the position now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. mahesh

    Vinod is a true star ๐Ÿ™‚ the passion with which he focuses on the object through the camera view-finder is immense it is like Arjuna just focussing on the eye of the bird! Good post!

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