There is life after love :-)

I saw Raja Rani yesterday. The core of the movie is to tell the audience that “There is life after love failure”. Well the director was successful enough to not get preachy on any part of the movie. But I was thinking about the core point of the movie.

In this big journey of life, love may be a part. No I am not talking about the love we have for our family, friends, pets etc., but to that one person who can make us jump with joy by their mere presence. And as people say life goes on and we are invariably supposed to live through it whatever may be the reason is. While I totally agree with the director on “There is life after love failure” I wonder whether it would be same, if not better?

It is a funny feeling you know. Its amazing that one particular person can make you smile for no reason. Their presence in some part of the world, whether they talk to you or not can make you smile bring some contentment to life. The glow of that green button showing that someone is online is capable of making our heart jump with joy. The little long walks, that gentle sea breeze on a sunday evening and suddenly everything becomes so special. And some unknown artist draws everything around us in our mind and we will be able to tell the exact color of the kite we saw in beach when we were with the other person which happened 10 years back.

Then the inevitable happens. Something or other comes up. They leave us by choice or by fate or whatever. But then can we experience the same feel that they gave us again with some one else? I can only wonder. I am not saying people are not living like that. But the question is, will everybody be able to live with that kind of compromise?

I know some people who think marriage as love failure. No offence. To think of it, I don’t think there is any failure in love. It is just that those beautiful days are missing and the fear of them not coming back. The movie reinforces the blind belief that such days might come back.

When I was a kid, we used to take bath in the river in my native. We come out of the water all red eyed and gobble up the idlies in nearby shop. I used to tell this to all my friends about this. When I went to the native this June, I tried to do the same. Neither the bath nor the idlies were out of the world as I once experienced. Guess those days are meant for memories and not for the future.

I would end this ran by quoting Kahlil Gibran “How great is love and how little are we!”


    1. Bragadeesh Prasanna

      True Aarti. I was just thinking along the lines of the movie. As I said, in this long journey of life, love is just a small part.

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