Red in the sheet

This post is part of the Chennai Bloggers Club’s CBC VIBGYOR BLOG TAG where some of us will write a post on the colors of VIBGYOR each day starting 1st of September to the 7th of September.

The color theme for today’s post is RED

She was 28 years old. She hasn’t seen her father. He passed away when she was in the womb of her loving mother. Her mother loved her to the core. She was the apple of her eye.

Till she reached her puberty, she was the queen of the house. In  the small town she lived in, people doted her. Something changed when she reached puberty. Her mother became so strict suddenly. Even the friendly uncle was refused visit because of unknown reason. She didn’t bother, it was like her mother carrying her in her back and fighting countless demons which came in their way. A fight which they both fought together. A super woman and a super cool sidekick. Its like that she imagined.

She became overweight for some reason. She was good in studies. But never active in sports. Till the age three, her mother didn’t even let her walk. She was always carried by one or other relatives. It was only by tenth grade, the school bullying started.

She ignored it first as she had highest grades in school and was able  to move faster than others in spite of her weight. And the teachers loved her. Her mom daily lectures her about not falling for looks and charms of her teenage boys. And how it will spoil the name of her own and her mother. Its time she thought, to carry my mom on my shoulders and fight all the demons. Side kick saving the super hero.

She finished off her UG in flying colors and was working in a concern. It was a normal nine to five job. But her friends were doing PG. She had to save money to enter her PG. She worked hard and spent less. At the end of the year while she was filling the form. Her mother came to her,

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Why ma?” she was puzzled

“You know! In our community, finding a person with your qualification is itself tough. If you study more, how will I find groom for you?” her mother was concerned.

“Ma! Nobody was there to help us when we were by ourselves. It is because of you, I am facing this world with no fear and keeping my head high. I just want to see you happy. And you will be proud that your daughter is a PG holder”

She went on to complete her PG and got placed in a reputed concern. When she took her mom to her office family day, all of her colleagues saw her as a hero. She was indeed a sidekick of a super hero she felt. Both mother and daughter slept with a smile in their face and tears in their eyes.

With the earning, her dressing sense changed and she felt the need of taking care of her body. She joined her office gym and had vigorous workouts, while her mother started looking for a groom. Her weight started to reduce and her collar bones were visible again. The treadmill and the cross trainer showed their effect on her body. Her mom found her a groom in their community who was from abroad. She had to resign her job which gave her so much of freedom and knowledge just because of marriage.

It was a grand ceremony. She didn’t like the way her mother in law and sister in law grilled about her salary and the assets she gathered all these years by working. She kept it confidential because she didn’t know what her mother will do in her absence. At least money will bring relatives.

The first night ceremony was grandly arranged. The room was decorated with flowers, for the reason she couldn’t understand. Her husband had already taken some pegs of whatever which made her almost puke when she sat near him. She had dreamed of this night so many times. To talk, to make fun, to enjoy what the night got in store. But her thought process was disturbed when a strong hand puller her towards him and her mouth was stuffed with a bad smelling tongue and lips were bitten.

This was not it is meant to be. She was thought. But the other person was in no mood to have a conversation. She slowly started to accept the fate. Not every sidekick gets a good plot.

She woke up in the morning with heavy pain in her lips and light pain in her abdomen. She was off to bath and there was a big commotion when she came back. Her mom was crying and her mother in law was holding the bedspread they used last night.

“Why isnt there anything? Did you cheat us by marrying a un-pure girl to my son?” her mother in law was shouting at the top of her voice. Her sister in law was staring at her with ultimate disgust.

Mom looked at her with helplessness filling her eyes. “She did not bleed last night. Doesn’t it mean she had already done it with someone else?” Her mother in law didn’t stop. She can only understand it now. All her years of studies, hard work didn’t matter to them. Its just a red thing on the bed spread is all matters.

She made up her mind to talk. Her mom tried to stop her. However she went on. “Your son didn’t even get there” and walked away.


Few marriages are broken because of this even now. And they feel no shame in carrying a sheet with their son’s leftovers and not finding a red spot in white sheet. How much ever a girl learns, earns, talented, beautiful nothing matter for them. And they fail to acknowledge various reasons behind this. 


  1. Passion of a soul

    Speechless brags!!! I’m proud of you that you behold the courage to write about THIS, which many men would be reluctant to speak about. Or even hate girls who have voiced about THIS. The ‘Red sheet’.

    A sad truth spoken out there 🙂

  2. Maya

    Whoa…. Thats indeed a beautiful post where you have portrayed a sensible issue so beautiful… Hats off for taking this initiative to speak on this topic 🙂

  3. UmaS

    OMG !!! Shocking…these customs and silly things from which they read things – really need a sea change !!!
    Sometimes, I wonder what is the need to get such freedom loving girls, married ??? If its going to hinder their freedom, what’s the big deal !!!
    But, very beautifully written tale, with a strong underlying message 🙂

    1. Bragadeesh Prasanna

      When I was reading Vid’s post on red, sudden realization stuck that the girls never had freedom to anything the wanted ever. Thanks Uma for visiting and the share.

  4. Susan Deborah

    This exists in many households even today and it does not come as a shocker. But the way you have used the colour ‘red’ to bring this issue to light is wonderful. I think Sivaranjini passed this bug of writing ‘serious’ issues to you!

    Glad that you completed the Seven colours. Congrats.

    Joy always,

    1. Bragadeesh Prasanna

      It was the other way around Susan.. If Sivaranjini writes about heavy stuff it will carry more weight-age. Who listens to a bald man these days? Thanks for the tag initiation. It was a wonderful journey

    1. Bragadeesh Prasanna

      Shilpa.. See Susan’s comment. Its a common tradition. In villages the husband and wife takes the mat they used last night to river and wash it in public to demonstrate the girl’s virginity. Sad and Disguting.. Yes..

    1. Bragadeesh Prasanna

      Thanks Afshan. In this particular tag, this is one thing I wanted to write. You should read the passion of soul’s posts in this tag. It touched many poignant topics than I did

  5. Aiswarya Baskaran

    I thoroughly enjoyed your posts for the VIBGYOR tag, most of it brought back childhood memories and my own color associations. And, this post was unexpected and very cleverly written on such a sensitive topic. Bravo !

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