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The colour theme for today’s post is ORANGE

When I was a kid, I was sceptical  to try any thing that was new to me. Once my grandmother gave me lime juice and it was bit salty than sweet. Since then I dont take lime juice even if I see loads of sugar added to it. Since Orange looked similar but somewhat bigger to lemon, I stayed away from orange too. That tinge of salty sweetness at the end of grinding teeth is something I always imagine when I see people eat oranges.

But I was no stranger to orange flavour  Torino was one of my favourite drinks. Before Mirinda and Fanta came into our small town, the cool drinks is often referred as “coloured drinks” by us. The plain coloured is just called Soda. Torino was the one with orange flavor while Frutang is the one with mango flavour  They ruled the market before Miranda and Slice.


Palayamkottai (My Native) is one of the hottest place in Tamilnadu. We bought refrigerator only when I was in 6th grade. We used to borrow ice cubes from neighbours and make big tub of Rasna during the summer holidays. Most of the time it would be of orange flavour only. Since we borrow ice-cubes from neighbours, their kids and their cousins who had come for summer holidays and our cousins who were staying with us, all have Rasna in the afternoon together. That was some kind of pot luck.


Another fond memory of orange is pop-sickles which was sold outside the school. They had standard four flavours  Orange, Mango, Rose milk and Chocolate. Our usual pocket money would be 1 rupee or 50 paise for the maps or pencils if we miss them. We used to rush after the school to get orange, because it is the most sought after one. For some reason Rose milk and Mango will be costlier. So the preference always goes to Orange pop-sickles.

When I was at eighth grade my aunt and mom somehow made me eat orange and to my surprise I liked it. Whenever I took orange to school, I had the notoriety of squeezing the skin of orange in other people’s eyes and make them cry for a while.

When I was in ninth grade one of my close friends got admitted in hospital for some reason.  It was a Saturday morning and when I went to see him, his parents were leaving for some urgent work. They were relieved to see me and asked me to be with him till afternoon. I said OK and started chatting up with my friend. After half and hour he was tired and he slept off. I had no mobile or magazines to read. Then I noticed some few kilos of orange brought by the relatives and friends of my sick friend. I just thought of having one.

But by the time when his parents came I finished some four kilos of orange and made juice with another two kilos. They did not tell anything but I saw that his father hurried away to buy some fruits for his son because it was the only thing he could eat.

Yes! I was such a considerate friend from childhood.


  1. sushmitha06

    Ha Rasna ! This word reminds me of my childhood 🙂 Nice post with full of memories. Going down to the memory lane 🙂 Many would say that tastes gets differed in each stages of life and you made it right 🙂

  2. Susan Deborah

    Sushmitha’s mention of different tastes was interesting. Maybe she was right. And Rasna is part of my childhood memories as well. and now, you ate four kilos from a patient’s booty – Such a mean fellow you were. If I was that patient, I would’ve whacked you.

    A lovely post.

    Joy always,

  3. Maya

    Ahh i still remember my childhood days with torino and rasna… Only people from small towns could have been lucky to taste a torino :-p
    And finally you proved to be really a considerate friend 😀

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