The Berlin File – Review

Espionage films are always of my interest. The best I have seen till date is Tinker tailor soldier spy. My friend here would have seen that film at least two times for Benedict Cumberbatch. Many people felt it was slow. But that is how an espionage should be. Slow, calculated and take your breath away by its professionalism.

The Berlin File

Berlin File, is a 2013 Korean film, which also deals with espionage but in Germany checks all the boxes to be a perfect espionage film. The tensions escalate between North Korea and South Korea mounting after the death of the president and new leadership. All the movements of the spies are being watched by South Koreans. Apparently a large sum of money left by the deceased president in one of the bank accounts is what they are after.

When a North Korean agent Pyo, who is a ghost tries to make a deal with Arab and Russian Arms dealer, the plan is ambushed by Mossad of Israel. The North Korean agent escapes both South Korean police as well as Mossad, but put under scanner for the failed mission. Another Agent from North Korea informs him, that someone from the embassy has planned to defect their nation and flee to USA. Pyo doubts his wife who is also working in embassy as interpreter. But the ambassador himself is the traitor. He is captured and executed by both the agents.

While Pyo, smells some conspiracy behind all these things, he comes to know he is set up by his own county and is on the run. His wife is captured. With the help of South Korean police officer, he fights for his name. Did he save his wife? What happened to the money in the secret account? forms the rest of the story.

This movie kept me fixed to seat for the two hours it ran. No scene was unnecessary and the screenplay makes sure every scene helps the plot to move forward. The action sequences are well choreographed including the special effects, fight direction and camera work and thankfully they don’t overdo it.

While the hero was typical, running for cover spy but what set the film apart was the ryu seungvillain. His name is Ryoo. His body language, cunning eyes and agility in the character was superb. He was the hero of the film The Perfect Number, which was a total contrast to this movie. I was not impressed then, but he is one actor to watch out for.

The dialogues were short and crisp. They also had some punch dialogues like the hero saying “I will die, when I want to”. This line has gained some reputation for itself among the gamers I hear.

A Saturday evening movie, if you enjoy espionage and some fast action. The director had an open ending for the film, which suggest a sequel. Lets wait!


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