Conversation with God – Part 2

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“OK! I know its clichéd but I always imagined asking you this, why there were so many wars, killings, in your name. Are you a single person or you have a group of people who go on and whisper in people’s ears? If you exist, why should there be this much misery in the world?” 

“There are numerous factors,” God said, continuing the conversation from where we left. “You realize that I have not gone into every war meeting room and asked them to start a war in my name. Don’t you? I was just used there. For the money, land and greed of few people. And the misery and all the killings you mentioned followed that. And I cannot be there in front of every person to shield him from arrows or bullets. Rather I gave them rational thinking. It was their choice to follow stupid orders and die in war”

“You conveniently forgot the second part of the question?” I asked.

“No! I am coming to that. I am not sure you can term me as a person or something. And what do you mean by misery? Isn’t it relative? How do you know something is miserable?”

I fell silent and pondered about that for a minute. He took advantage of those seconds.

“It is because you saw many beautiful things. And you tend to compare one thing with another which led you to decide one thing is miserable and the other is not so miserable. How come we not discuss upon the beautiful things and discuss only on misery?”

“Good point! But there are babies dying for no reason. Because of malnourishment, because they are underfed. How can I not think about them when I see 100 healthy kids go to school near my house?”

“Those 100 healthy people also don’t have any special reason. It is not because I am partial. It is because the  governments you elect is partial. When there is lack of will to work, poverty follows. When there is lack of will to be clean, endemic diseases spread. If you are asking about the inequality in society, it is largely because of “money” which is man made. I have nothing to do with it”

“It is so easy to say, ‘it has nothing to do with me’ right? Where is your responsibility?”

“As you said before, Human race is most advanced species of evolution ever. Do you still want me to take responsibility for the mess you create? Is it rational on your part?”

“True!” I started to think of any other question which will put him in the corner. But all I can think of at the end took me to the man made errors. For his need, greed and because of his ruthlessness towards fellow human being.

Breaking of the silence I said “You are right! I cannot hold you responsible for anything that is to do with misery in the world, for the humans brought it upon themselves. But then again, you can’t be held responsible for beauty of the earth too right?”

“I never asked too.. I just wanted people to enjoy and appreciate the nature. But what is happening is quite the contrary. When evolving, Humans has acquired skills and talents from all the organisms in the pyramid before him. But sadly, the race’s thirst to acquire never really got quenched. Whenever they see some beautiful place, they want to acquire. Be it a individual or a group of people who call themselves the government, they always want the beautiful places. In the process, they never really bother destroying it altogether”

“Sad but true” All these days it was easy for me to taunt people who believed in God, posing this questions to them. When I am in the position to answer someone who is asking why did you and your people destroy a beautiful thing I created, I am at loss of answers. I cannot give in but.

“It is easy to be you. You can always tell that you gave a flawless thing and we spoilt it”

I hear the chuckle. Man! This guy never gives up and has answer for everything.

“Quite the contrary! It is quite tough here.” He said.

“Why is that?”

“How do you want to be remembered? With love or with fear?”

“It goes without saying.”

“How do you think I am remembered?”

To be continued. 


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