Attn Media; Here is my middle finger for you

When I was born, all of a sudden a stranger entered our house as a guest. He had things to tell everyone in house. He gave the world news to my grand dad and dad. He gave recipes and hand work tips to my mom and made me laugh by his animated narration. Everybody in the house seemed to love him.

Suddenly after becoming familiar with our home, he one day started drinking in the middle of the house. Though shocked, we were hooked to him and listened to things he had to say. He had so much things to say everyday from various quarters of the world. And now he is bringing all the shit and became a part of family in not only my house but across the nation I would say.

He is called Television.

I have nothing against media and TV. It is a wonderful tool which brought lot of things to our doorsteps. But now a days it seems they are overdoing it. I am not going to talk about other aspects of television but news and reporting. This is one rotten piece of department in the entire industry in my opinion. I read this shocking news today morning and I am not able to digest it.


The same thing happened in Tamilnadu, when a leading news channel and weekly uncovered a so called scandal about Nithyanandha. Apparently he was in a room with a disciple. It was recorded and was run repeatedly in prime time in major news channel. Since whatever happened there was consensual and these people didnt know they were recorded, it cannot be called as porn. But what the television did was broadcasting uncensored video clipping which may have adverse effects. The website of the weekly went one step ahead and offered to provide uncensored clipping if we pay one year’s subscription. How cheap can they get?

And the filming girls coming out of the pub and getting into the car for their late night news. Who the hell gave you right to sneak into ordinary people’s life and publish their photo or showing their faces in TV channels? Who should be hold responsible if an innocent life is spoiled? And the excuse they say is crime and sex sells. By that they mean, they can record a girl from any angle, since she is coming out of the pub and may be drunk. This is otherwise a punishable offense in this country I believe. Your audience is what you build my dear people. Now an uneducated person will not treat a girl coming out of the pub the way she should be treated. Rather he will try to take advantage of her or assault her sexually because the media showed him its OK to leer at women like her. The cameraman was doing just that with his camera.

warning-8This is today some women, tomorrow it may be you or me recorded and telecasted without our consent. There should be stricter laws about what should be recorded and what should be telecasted. Making a rowdy a hero in a crime scene and showing gory details of his death is not what we pay for dear media. All we need is a objective reporting.

And I dare say you are the reason for the stress of most of young people in any metro today. There is a enormous responsibility in hands of people who wield mike and camera. You have the power of writers who once changed the thought process of the world. You have the power of artists who define what beauty is. With great power comes great responsibility. If your actions is harming an unassuming civilian, how can you go to bed in peace that day? I hope things will change in future.

Till then, F**K YOU!!!

P.S. I too have some journalist friends. They are dedicated to their work. But the bosses of the media house who think that they know the pulse of audience and some greedy reporters to provide fodder for them is what concerns me. I know the hardship each and every reporter,  journalist go through to bring truth to light. My Salutes to them.


  1. Susan Deborah

    Quite a pungent write-up to which I agree wholeheartedly. Cutting off media from our lives will reduce pressure, tension and other diseases. Time to use media like junk food. Try them only when you’re craving – maybe once a week or so.

    Joy always,

    1. --- :) ----

      Very True Susan. The magazines and media are filled with sleaze that we are looking up for someone to share sensible articles in Quora or other social media platforms. This sucks big time. Because now we are paying for what we are watching and I demand a better news channel and coverage. Like you said, we should treat it as junk food, rarely allowing the luxury of polluting our sanity.

  2. Gitanjali

    An apt response to the article! loved the way you had started, sitting and drinking in the middle of the house.
    Something all of us need to be warned about, and collectively do something about! Cheers, BP!

  3. gils

    hmmm…tv mattuma…print media is no less ozhungu..sleaze sells…irrespective of anyone reading it or not..ellaa kaalathulayum…oray diffrerence ennana..previously people used to feel ashamed adhunala these things would be rare n not easily available..ipo opena kedaikauthu

    1. --- :) ----

      Appo kooda kumudham middle page irundhadhu.. That was why Ananda vikatan had family magazine image. Now they use a seperate magazine for such sleaze which is called time pass

  4. Lakshmi

    Powerful and thoughtful.
    Many a times after any scandal scam or a accidents or bomb blasts occurs, I browse through the channels and find each of them debating well on the topic!
    Just talking and talking and talking …
    Politicians, scientists, officials, x y z … I have great respect for them but ultimately they just eat away my time and leave thoughts not worthy a thought for nothing ever changes even after a countless discussions …
    in a short point, I feel sometimes media en cashes on the penury of the masses

    1. --- :) ----

      Welcome Lakshmi. Long time no see?? True that media has decided to be a part of the problem and not solution..

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