Are you attached?

Whenever somebody says, “Don’t get attached to things” I feel like biting them. As if they are not attached to anything around them.  Since time immemorial, everybody gives this free advice of letting go things and keep yourself away from attachment. I just want to ask them. “Tell me boss, if it is not for attachment, what do you live for?”

I mean, everybody is very sure that they are going to live the next moment. They ensure to live it in the luxury they can afford. And but still such things come out of them as advice.

attachmentI am attached to so many things. Materialistic, Emotional whatever you may call. Few moments and things are very precious and a part of me lives there even now savoring the happiness of the moment. Just like if I want to remember your name, I will register it with your face; I remember a person or an object to remember the moment. How can such a natural thing be root of all evils?

I see sleepy heads travelling daily by morning three o clock sleeping in a open top vehicle to Koyambedu market to start their back breaking day. What makes them do such hard work day in and day out? Isn’t it their attachment to money or their kith and kins to provide a living for them? If it is not for attachment, we will be a bunch of wanderers who keep wandering across the vast nation of ours asking for alms.

And then there is relationship advice. I don’t know whether they give advice to make a relationship or break a relationship. It seems being attached to someone is just masking the unworthiness in us. How absurd? If I am so low on self confidence, how would I ever be in a relationship at first place?

Turn around and you can see Gurus preaching that we are not our body, we are not our possessions, we are not our face, we are not our social status, we are not our material belongings. So tell me dear sir, who the hell am I?

To me its clear and simple. I am attached to things. I cannot live without my phone, which was bought in some special circumstances. The first photos taken with it and first video taken with it and the messages which I have backed up is all important. It is like I am trying to arrest the minutes which my hands were not able to hold someday. If it is going to break me, I will be glad.

Even if I am not attached and if those things are gone, the result will be the same. The memories and mirrors of time will be gone forever but now I am attached, it will shatter me. I will get hurt and I will feel pain. And that way I know I am alive. That way I will know I am a human being and not some forest vegetation.

So are you attached to something?? Or the concept is itself a big fraud?



  1. Susan Deborah

    I guess there’s a subtle line in that preaching of “attachments.” All of us are attached to many things but basing our identity on those attachments, I guess, becomes a bit too much. What’s your thought?

    Interesting post. Shall come back for more discussion on this.

    Joy always,

    1. --- :) ----


      What is an identity? We are obviously attached to something that defines us. It may be an occupation, or a trait or a singular talent which is mastered over of years.

      Will we be ever able to come out of these attachments?

  2. Trisha Dey

    Dear, your post is so very insightful! You see I always thought I’ve this thing called attachment problem. I get attached to people very easily and that eventualy brought in much pain to me. I envied people who could easily move on with their lives as I am terrible in saying goodbyes.
    But I guess, that’s how I am and will always be like dat. Its ok if I get attached easily. This tells that I am a Human!

    1. --- :) ----

      To get attached is to be Human. How would you like a close friend who is not afraid of losing you? How would you like a puppy who doesn’t lap up your face when you come from office after leaving her alone the whole day?? Alive is awesome and to be attached is to be alive 🙂

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