What would you think in that moment?

Human body is indeed a wonder. It was 3.33 in the morning when my amygdala triggered something to hypothalamus. The adrenal gland released epinephrine. I dont know what it did, but for a second my blood pressure shoot up. Strangely it created a boost of energy. The muscles tightened getting ready for some action. The vast field of view disintegrated to a tunnel vision to an object that was coming towards me.

In other words, I almost got killed by a lorry today 🙂


We were coming down from a bridge and suddenly a lorry which was coming in the opposite side decided to have some fun and turned without any signal towards us. My driver is a very young guy and he was thankfully awake at that time behind the wheels and slammed the brakes and turning the wheel to his right with all his might. We just missed the tail part of the lorry and the the lorry disappeared in a lane. We stopped in a road, which should have been a accident scene if we had reacted a second later.

We didnt stop in usual place for coffee. I lit up a cigarette I saved for me early morning quota when my cab driver asked the question.

“What did you think at that moment, apart from we were done there?”

I tried to remember. Meanwhile, I asked him the same question.

“I dont know whether my mind is playing games or something like that. But my younger sister’s face came to my mind”

“Only face?”

“No actually, it was a rewind and fast forward of our childhood together. She never liked me because I was the only son in family and I was pampered more than her. She always used to call me by name. Once I ran away after beating her with a stick, she aimed a big stone and hit my ankle. I got a fracture and had to sit in home for a month or so”

“Hmm” I responded while dragging my puff.

We stopped in a different tea shop today. It was early morning 3.45 and we were the only customers at that shop. He continued telling.

“She is not working or something. In our place, there was a mill and she was working there. She didnt like it and now she is at home. The thing is she never called me as “Anna” whenever she calls that, I know that she has some plans in her mind.”

I was not totally out of shock. Slowly I was gaining my senses and tried to think something other than that particular place where I was speeding towards the tail of the lorry. He continued.

“Since today is Saturday, I think I will go see her. May be this incident has some hidden message or something. I need to see her immediately.”

“There was no hidden message. It was clear, if we are speeding up like this we would end up in hospital mortuary soon.”

“Sir its early morning and you are talking like this. You didn’t tell me what you thought in that moment”

“My brother bought me two gold rings recently which I am flaunting right now. If we were to get hit by the lorry, would that be stolen or will it reach the family was all I thought then” I said.

The driver smiled. I knew he didn’t believe me. But you know, my story is bit complicated.


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