Awards and Inner peace

It feels so good when people who follow your blog, thinks that you deserve an award and send one along your way. Trisha was kind enough to send one to me and since she is a regular in my blog I think there was no pun intended while giving this award to me.

Here it is the Inner Peace award


A week back while travelling to Tirunelveli, My brother and myself were standing near the door in the pretext of charging mobile phones. It was seven in the morning and as we crossed several small towns we saw their laid back approach getting ready for the day. I just imagined the mad rush in Chennai at that hour.

My brother said “Prasanna! I am thinking of settling down in tier 2 or 3 city like this some time later. Do you think you can come with me?”

“I dont know boss! This kind of laid back lifestyle makes me nervous”

That is true, I cannot take that kind of lifestyle.

But what unfolded in the next few days completely shook me and made me realize how little I understand me. The drizzle throughout the day, the friendly people who wentan extra mile to help strangers, the fun with relatives and their kids, Hearty laughs over meals with friends I felt completely at peace.

I was me there with no restrictions upon me, tried to help a lot of people with directions and other stuffs and laughed at my own mistakes and how twisted I have become after I spent days alone in the city. The native and friends who can read through the eyes made me feel at ease and I had no fear of anybody judging me.

I found my inner peace there and most importantly I think I can be same wherever I am and still find my inner peace.

Thanks for the award Trish. This came along exactly at the time I needed it.

Feel free to take up this award and tag and use it up in your blog. Write something about what you think of inner peace and I will be glad to read it.

Particularly I would like to know the views of

Deepak Raguraman

Mahendran Thiru

Harish Kumar

Sivaranjini BalasubramanianĀ 

Vid Dev

Mahesh Iyer


  1. Susan Deborah

    Loved this post. It’s wonderful to know that inner peace is different for many people. For me, if the place, people and my inner ecosystem are harmonious then I feel at peace. It’s strange how the outer aids the inner. Ideally one should be at peace no matter what but that happens to the likes of Budha or Christ.

    Enjoyed the read.

    Joy always,

    1. --- :) ----

      True Susan, We are letting the outer environment affect the inner environment (mind). But I guess that is how it is. Surrounding ourselves with good company of friends, books and changing the home according to our taste shall bring peace for majority of time. And when conditioned and self assured of ourselves, the mind will be in peace wherever we are I believe.

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