Man from Nowhere – Korean Movie review

I usually watch movies which are off beat. One of my friends suggested a movie called Man from earth. I was unusually forgetful that day and started downloading Man from Nowhere. The file size was kinda huge. But when I start watching the movie I didn’t regret.


The movie is nothing near 3 Iron or Classic kind of Korean movies. This is pukka mass masala entertainer. The movie went in such a speed that I never thought of touching my mouse in between to forward of pause. The usual revenge story, but the director had scored full marks in getting it to perfection.

Sha de shik is a pawn shop owner. He lives a lonely life without interacting with anyone. There is a mischievous small girl living next door. She steals small things and gives it to him. He rarely encourages her but however pays her money for things like downloading songs for him. Her mother is a hooker who works in a bar. She steals some narcotics from a mob boss and stashes in a purse and pawns with our hero. The villain gang finds this and come and kidnap mother and child. To save the child he goes to deliver some goods and discovers the mother’s body in the car trunk with her organs harvested already.

With police and gangsters chasing, he races against the time to find the girl and bring her back to safety.

The performances, particularly the action sequences are of top notch. The hero’s face is revealed only after the interval which is a good way to maintain the suspense. The kid who  has acted in the movie is the pillar of the movie. There is something to mention about action sequences. They have made Kill Bill fight sequence in monochrome, this director didn’t bother to do that and all. From stamping the eyeballs to blood bath everything is uncensored.


The hero’s role demanded not to give any expression in his face in the entire movie. But the kid compensates with her super cute expressions. Cant take the eyes of her. And you know this Korean language sounds much better when the kids talk.

If you are bored on a Saturday night and if you are ready for an action adventure, then this is the pick.

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