Perfect Number – Korean Movie Review

How far can one man could go for his love? That too for an unrequited love. A feeling that he had never professed to anyone in his circle. But even when he put things in his heart and not tells anyone, when a friend arrives, he recognizes this in few days.

Perfect number

Perfect Number is a Korean film. I always have high regards for Korean films. Even I don’t religiously follow directors like Kim Ki Duk and others, I watched few very good movies in Korea. Perfect number tells the story of Suk-go who is an uninteresting Maths teacher, who drags himself to school every day. He is an introvert and rarely strikes conversation with anyone. The only place he frequents daily is a motel where a girl, Hwa-Sun packs his lunch.

Hwa-Sun and Suk-go and next door neighbors and Hwa-Sun lives with her niece, recently divorced from her abusive husband. One day when her abusive husband finds her and tries to make advances towards the niece who is ill, in a fit of rage the duo kills the husband. Not knowing what to do and considering jail sentence would ruin both the niece and Hwa-Sun’s life, Suk-Go offers to help.

Suk-Go was considered a child prodigy for his genius mathematical abilities in his school. He is hell bent in proving Goldbach’s Conjecture but he is not able to do so. With his analytical mind and problem solving abilities he works backwards to create an alibi for Hwa-Sun and also to dispose the body. With their meticulous planning they easily evade the police clearing Hwa-Sun from the suspect list. But trouble comes when Suk-Go’s high school class mate, who knows his genius mind, comes to investigate the case.

How did Suk-Go managed to do what he did and why he did is to be seen on laptop or DVD. Again, some director had proved that a gripping screenplay can be extracted from a much appreciated novel. This film is remake of Japanese novel “The Devotion of Suspect X”. The camera angles and the lighting sets the mood of the film. The lead actor and the detective’s performances are very good especially in the last scene. The music is not out of place.

I still wait for a good Tamil movie with such a screenplay without forcibly inserted song or fight of comical sequence and make people sit through the two hours. If it has to be a crime thriller people should be in the mood of it and feel what the characters feel. Unnecessary item song sequence will not serve this purpose.

Overall a very good movie for a Sunday afternoon. Recommended.


  1. Susan Deborah

    I have always enjoyed Korean films and have lost count of how many I have seen ths far. Kim ki Duk and others are favourites. The scripts are taut and no where in the duration of the films I have gotten bored or listless. Just realised that my comment is a tad general. I have to add, in the Korean films I have seen thus far the script is . . .

    This film sounds promising. Should look out for it. Is there a version on Youtube?

    Joy always,

    1. --- :) ----

      I dont think there is a version in YouTube with subtitles Susan.. Yeah! I like Korean films for the genres they handle. Thanks for visit and comments. I know you are busy theses days.

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