A Big Thanks.. From the heart!!

I don’t usually thank anyone. It doesn’t come so easily to me. But I have to say this today. Why today? There is a reason behind that. I am an Aries. The other kind of Aries, who you don’t see get along with people much but happy with the company I have nurtured over the years. But these Aries always have something inside that makes them always crave for attention and importance. Its not ego. It is absolutely not. This is like a kid which wants to be carried and start crying whenever put down.

Over the years, I thought I never belonged anywhere. I was always with friends with people who were few years elder than me. While they do not take me for their fun outings, they imparted some knowledge and taste which I carry till today. So when coming to friendship, I felt my age friends are little immature and was not able to get together well with them. My elder friends saw me as intrusion to their privacy after a period of time. I have always walked on the middle line, with no company.

Then there was this fun group called “The Chennai Bloggers Club“. I was a spectator for few months and as days go by and people start commenting on my posts, I started interacting with them well. There were two meets where the bloggers have met. When I went, people were busy arranging for the third meet. It happened in Veeks and Thomas Nungambakkam on November 25th. That was one day I cant forget. I never knew so many people read my blogs. I never knew people liked my style of writing. I never knew I can socialize with people. I met lot of people and made some great friends.

After than life was never the same. I have always been part of the initiative that the group takes except for the poetry things, since I am very bad at it, that even I cant read my poems again. I always had this feeling that bloggers are virtual. I was never able to think that they are people with flesh and bones, sitting and giving some amazing blog posts to read.

The group is full of action. Unlike many other groups I am part of I cannot get along if I had not logged in to Facebook one day. So many things would have happened. I managed to get more friends in India as well as Overseas. Then the fourth meet happened on February 24th,  in which we planned to exchange the books which we had to some nice books the other bloggers have. It was of grand success. I was able to identify more people by their blog names. It was not like we were meeting for the first time. But like meeting the pen pals after a prolonged gap. The bond strengthened.

883905_10200288256221916_1292485596_oAnd then it was April. This month is my birth month and I started celebrating with the bloggers of The Chennai Bloggers Club. The first weekend, Gils, Deepa, Vids and myself went to a movie, which turned out to be a damp squib but the company compensated it. Though Deepa had to leave early, the other three of us went to EA and had fun time shopping for my birthday. It was one lovely Sunday that I cannot forget. I literally got stomach ache of laughing so much.

The next weekend I was in Pondy with the awesome company of my brother and got virtual help from Aarti, who suggested great places to eat out. The Zuka, The Cafe Extasi would not have got honored by my presence if she hadn’t recommended it. Needless to say, my taste buds and me thanked her for the whole weekend.

The next Saturday, I had wonderful lunch at Tadka Talk with an awesome person, who manage to make me smile in spite of whatever mood I am in or whatever mood the other person is. It is good to have someone walk by you knowing you well, cheering each of your baby steps towards something new and above all put up with the madness and mess you create. I had to be back home because my home team was playing that day.

Then there was this awesome Google Hangout with Shruti my awesomest friend in London and Vidhya in Chennai. It was total fun. We were talking random things. I was reminded of my old adda in Tirunelveli where people will gather at some specified time, talk random nonsense and disperse. I missed this all these days. The sweetest of the gifts came right at twelve O clock when R P Singh bowled that big no ball to Sir Ravinda Jadeja to gift a win to Chennai Super Kings and me.

I was so excited that I cant stop smiling even when I was in bed. The two rings from Mom and Brother, A super nice Cadbury Silk. After so many years, the birthday was kickass. Usually for birthdays, the admin of Chennai Bloggers Club updates a wish inform of a photo and people comment in it. I saw four people upload four different pictures of mine and comments were flowing everywhere. I was truly overwhelmed and replied each and every one of them. My review on Tamil books and Bengali movies got released here giving me a more beautiful present. The evening was quiet with friends and brother.

920560_10151331003486920_2127601643_oVidhya called me the next Sunday to buy some books from Landmark as they had a sale. I am so lazy that I totally refused to go anywhere. After so  much of pleadings, threatening and stuff I was there in the place at the specified time. We crossed landmark as she said she have to drink something. I was following her and She went inside Subway restaurant and when I followed her, boy! how could I explain what I felt? There was Mahesh, Vinodh, Harish, Gils, Bhavia, Deepa with a birthday cake made in the design of my tattoo. Apparently they were planning this birthday party for long time. Vidhya was given the task of bringing me to the place. What followed was pure fun.
472870_527851193929738_418605323_oI was not able to look at anyone, when they were giving presents and giving cake facial to me because I got so emotional. I kept asking me what have I done this for super bunch of people. I was not able to carry the gifts so I had to take an auto home. My brother after seeing the gifts and photos said “Next time when you write “Oh! I am so lonely” kind of posts, I am gonna kill you.”

The next weekend was also spent with two great people as we had a super night out at Jothivel’s place which followed by watching Iron Man with the Ganesh, Nirmal and Mahesh. We call ourselves as wolfgang :P. I received three letters from different part of the world. Two of which were awesome art specially done for me.  This year I did not celebrate my birthday but my birth month.

So what’s all the fuzz about? Each and every person mentioned above is a blogger and they are part of The Chennai Bloggers Club. I understood what belonging means. Something that was eluding for so long. I purposefully didn’t want to make sentimental because we are not that. We are like a family. Young cousins have fun while slightly elder cousins keep watch on them and give advice and then there are other cousins were we go to get advice, like minded cousins with whom we can share a drink and some elders who tries to guide us whenever we over step.





    1. --- :) ----

      Nothing is simplest thing Jothi. Everything that CBC and its guys have done is exceptional for me 🙂

  1. Susan Deborah

    A lovely post from the heart. We accept your thanks whole-heartedly and this is what we want when people remember and talk of CBC.

    We rock 🙂 Hail The Chennai Bloggers Club

    Joy always,

  2. Trisha Dey

    Lovely!! indeed heart touching! Friends truly can make your life feel special! I really wish I could join your The Chennai Bloggers Club group. but I guess that’s open for only bloggers from chennai! 🙁

    1. --- :) ----

      Right now yes! But we are all a big part of the Indiblogger family and being in same city helps us to meet often. Thats all. Just like how I meet you in my blog :-). Keep returning Trish. Its a pleasure to have you here.

  3. viddev

    I am really glad you enjoyed… your happiness is influential, remember? 🙂
    BTW, ivaru youth ama… baby steps ah! ellathayum tolerate pannikalam, ana idhu… omg! rotfl!
    being a lyricist, dont tell me u cant write poems huh…
    “I literally got stomach ache of laughing so much.” – at my cost, paavigala 🙁
    but yeah the lunch and hangout with Ti was so much fun… and you kept getting d/c all the time 😛
    I think the good times we had @ Subway, partly made up for all the troubles u gave me in convincing you to come! shabba….
    Thanks for that lovely post, reminiscing each mo… treasure it dude!!!! hope you enjoy being visible 😀 <3
    BTW, CBC rocks!!!!!
    – Vid 🙂

    1. --- :) ----

      I am glad that my happiness is contagious. And I refrain from commenting on other points fearing further damage. :-). Thanks a ton Vids

  4. Passion of a soul

    wowwwwwww such an awesome birthday month you had anna 🙂 I’m happy that you had blissful moments.

    And I do remember well, it was you who ordered a cake for me on my birthday and gave to all CBC members on that meet. You sowed kindness to a soul like me and reaping the consequence back from compassionate souls 😀 I wish I could have been part of it. *sigh* 🙁 hope I get a wonderful chance to pay back to you for what all you have done it me 😀 😀 😀

    Hail CBC 😀 <3 you bro

    1. --- :) ----

      Paying back?? Stop being Silly Sivaranjini. You’ve already paid it forward :). Thanks for being a part of everything.

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