Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna!

“You seem to enjoy this walk” she said

“Whats not there to enjoy?  I have your company to walk”

“But do you think its right?”

“You know me”

“Ok! You will say, there is no such thing called right and wrong. But only truth and lies”

“See! This is why I like your company”

“Just this?”

“What do you mean by Just this. To understand a person and know his thoughts may take forever for few people you know”

“Did it take forever for you?”

“We are made for each other and you know it. So I would say it wasn’t that hard”

“What was hard then?”

“To make you understand that you are an amazing person and only a person as amazing as me can be correct match for you”

“Yeah! You nearly succeeded in that”

“What do you mean by nearly succeeded?”

“You dont want to make me feel guilty now? Do you?”

“I am not making you feel anything. Its just a plain fact that at one point of time, you accepted that we both are amazing people and fit each other as tee”


“Its okay! There are so many things that can happen in our life. My dad wanted me to be a musician. I tried. But you know, at one fraction of second I took a wrong decision and I hardly touch my flute now”

“Do you mean, my decision is wrong?”

“How can I say that? It was your decision. We know each other well! So I understand. Its not you; Its the situation”

“One thing I like about being with you is, I dont have to explain me. That is the most agonizing part of it too”

“I know. I get this often. To understand and to get along with it has become so alien to us right?”

“But tell me! Didnt you get angry on me? Not even for a second?”

“Are you kidding? Of Course! I got angry on you. Its not the anger you think. Its the feeling that you get on the lamb which tries to run before the car. It does know its gonna hurt, but still it runs thinking that it will be able to make it. Sometimes the lamb make it to the other side too. But when it gets hurt, you feel sorry for the lamb later but anger comes first”

“This is how you mesmerize people right?”

“I am hardly that.”

“Tell me, what brings you here?”

“This is the park, where we first met. I wanted to be with you. I traveled 14 hours to be in this place for few hours. Felt like this place would give the same feeling.”

“Are you not surprised to find me here? I mean its a weekday. And I am sitting here bunking office. And there was no phone call or not even a slightest indication that you will be here, but still I am here”

“I knew”


I smiled.

“Shut up” she said.

“Its late evening! you will have to go home and attend your husband.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I have added one more page in  the episode of my life with you. I am going to savor it”

“Ok then.. Good..”

“Sshhh! Dont say that. Doesn’t mean anything”

She smiled. Thats the saddest smile I have seen in recent days. She walked to the entrance of the park. I thought she would turn back to have a final look. She didn’t.


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