What’s so beautiful?


“Did you notice that?” she asked.

“How can I not notice?” I answered

“Its beautiful, isnt it?”

“What is?”

“Are we seeing the same thing?”

“Come on! Dont start it now. What was so beautiful?”

” Look closely and you will understand”

“We are in this place for last 15 minutes. Β The only beautiful thing I see here is you.”

“Why dont you see through my eyes?”

“Sure darling, only if you eat through my mouth.”

She playfully poked me with her elbow, smiled and walked away. I am still not sure what was so beautiful about the tap whichΒ didn’tΒ work

Photo Courtesy – Clement Williams


  1. mukerv

    Even i do not understand wht was beautiful with that tap which was not working… but the story is different and good.

    Do you have any other thoughts hidden?

    1. --- :) ----

      Its not about the tap the girl was talking about. Have a look at the picture Mukund. She was talking about the shadow and reflection of their hands and the guy as usual is dumb πŸ˜‰

    1. --- :) ----

      Thanks Clement. I wanted to make it a 100 words story. Or otherwise I could have done a 1000 words one on the theme I told you that day. Thanks for the push πŸ™‚

  2. Susan Deborah

    I imagine Guru and Ahalya doing this in the Airport.

    Sometimes small and insignificant acts become very important for the memory and it is often acts as these which cause more pain when recollected.

    Joy always,

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